1.a) Why did the Arabs come to the East African coast between AD. 1000 and 1500?

b) How did their coming affect the peoples of the East African coast?

2.Expalin the contribution of the following to the history of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom:

a) Ba-Tembuzi ( Tembuzi),

b) Ba-Chwezi (Chwezi)

3.a)Describe the migration and settlement of the Luo into East Africa up to 1800.

b) What were the effects of their migration on the people of East Africa?

4.a) Why did the portuguese easily conquer the East African coastal towns?

b) Why did the portuguese lose control over thecoastal towns in the 17th century?

5.a) Describe the organisation of the Long Distance trade in East Africa.

b) How did this trade affect the peoples East Africa?

6.a) Why did christian missionaries come to East Africa during the 19th century?

b) What problems did they face in East Africa?

7.a) Why were the Anglo-German agreements of 1886 and 1890 signed?

b) What were the results of these agreements?

8.a) What were the terms of the 1900 Buganda agreement?

b) How did this agreement affect the Buganda Kingdom?

9.a) Describe the organisation of Abushiri resistance of 1888.

b) Why did this resistance fail?

10.a) Why was the Devonshire White Paper issued in 1923?

b) What were the terms of the Devonshire White Paper?

11.a) Why was East Africa involved in World War 11?

b) What were the effects of the war on the peoples of East Africa?

12.a) What factors contributed to the growth of nationalism in kenya between 1939 and 1952?

b) What problems did the kenyan nationalists face?




1.a) Explain theb role of Sudiata Keita in the growth of Mlai empire.

b) Why did the empire decline by the early 15th Century?

2.a)Describe the origins of the Woloff empire.

b) How was the empire organised by the 16th century?

3.a) Expalin the origins of slave trade in West Africa.

Why was it difficult to abolish this trade in the 19th century?

4.a) Expalin the contribution of creoles to the development of sierra Leone between 1850 and 1900.

b) Why did creole influence decline atfer 1900?

5.a) What were the causes of conflicts between Asante,Fante and British?

b) How did these conflicts affect the people of Gold coast?

6.a) Describe the French system of administration in Senegal.

b) Why was this system unsuccessful?

7. Describe the changes introduced in Gold Coast (Ghana ) during collonial rule in:

a) agriculture,

b) transport and communications.

8.Explain the contribution of the following political parties to the independence struggle in West Africa:

a)National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons(NCNC),

B) Rassemblement Democratic African (RDA).



9.a) Why did the Bantu speaking peoples move into Central Africa?

b) Describe their migration and settlement in Central Africa.

10.a) How was the Kingdom of Kongo organised during the reign of Afonso 1 (1506-1543)?

b) Explain the causes of Kongo's collapse.

11.Describe the career and achivements of the following:

a) Mzilikazi,

b) Lewanika.

12.a) Expalin the causes of the “Mfecane”.

b) How did the “Mfecane” affect the peoples of Central Africa?

13.a) How did slave trade affect thje peoples of central Africa?

b) Describe the steps taken to abolish slave trade in Central Africa.

14.a) Explain the causes of the 1893 Ndebele war.

b)What were the effects of this war on the Ndebele Kingdom?

15.a) Describe the British system of administration in Nyasaland (Malawi).

b) How did the Nyasaland achieve its independence?

16.a) Why did the people of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) resist colonialrule?

b) Explain the contribution of world war 11 to the independence struggle in Northern Rhodesia(Zambia)

18.a) Expalin the causes of the Pedi resistance of 1861-1879.

b) What were the effects of this resistance?

19.a) Describe the changes introduced by the British in the Cape Colony.

b) What effects did these changes have on the Africans?

20.a) How was the Basuto state established?

b) Explain the achievements of Moshesh for Basutoland.

21.a) What were the causes of the “Kaffir wars” between 1834 and 1853?

b) How did these wars affect the Africans?

22.a) Epxlain the causes of the 1906 Bambata rebellion.

b) How did this rebellion affect the zulu people.

23.a) Describe the relationship between king Mswati and Europeans between 1840 and 1868.

b)Why did the British annex Swaziland?

24.a) Why did south-West African (Namibia) become a south African colony after World War 1?

b) How did Namibia attain her indepence?