1. a) Why did the Bantu migrate from Congo basin into East Africa before 1800?

    b) Describe their migrations and settlement in East Africa before 1800.

  2. Describe the growth of any two of the following coastal towns between AD 1000 and 1500:

    a) Kilwa Kisiwani,

    b) Malindi,

    c) Mogadishu.

  3. a) Why were the portuguese interested in the East African Coast during the late 15th Century?

    b) Describe the stages of their conquest of the coast up to 1510.

  4. a) Why was there a Busaidi-Yorubi-Mazrui struggle for the control of the East Africa Coast?

    b) What were the results of this struggle?

  5. a) What problems did Europeans Christian missionaries face in Uganda?

    b) How did their activities affect the people of uganda?

  6. a) Describe the migration and settlement of the Ngoni in East Africa.

    b) How did their migration affectthe people of East Africa?

  7. a) What were the causes of the conflicts between the British and Germans in East Africa between 1886 and 1890?

    b) How were these conflicts settled by 1890?

  8. Describe the reactions of the following to the establishment of European rule in East Africa.

    a) Chief Mkwawa,

    b) Omukama Kasagama.

  9. a) Why was the 1900 Buganda Agreement signed?

    b) What were the terms of this Agreement/

  10. a) What led to the differences between the European and Asian communities in Kenya by 1923?

    b) How did Lord Devonshire settle these differences?

  11. a) Describe the role of Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) in the achivement of Independence in Tanganyika/

    b) What problems did TANU face up to 1961?

  12. a) How did World War 11 affect the Independence struggle in Kenya?

    b) Whta problems did the Kenyans face in the struggle?