Answer three questions from this section.

1. a) Discuss the points you must remember when planning a packed meal.

b) What are the common materials used for packing meals?

c) List four dishes for packed meals.

d) Outline the rules for packing meals.

2. a) (i) Define the term beverage.

(ii) List five examples of beverages.

(iii) What is the example of beverages in the diet?

b) Discuss four ways in which food may become contaminated.

c) How would the following be stored in a home?

(i) Milk,

(ii) Flour,

(iii) Eggs.

3. a) List down the equipment you will require for laundry work.

b) How would you treat a handkerchief used by a person with a cold?

c) Describe how you would prepare starch from a cassava root.

d) Give the recipe for boiling water starch.

4. a) (i) Define the term income.

(ii) What is a family budget?

(iii) List five fixed family expenses.

How would you save time during your housework?

b) Make a simple daily plan of work for a work for a housewife two school going children.

5. a) Difference between a septic tank and access pool.

b) Describe ways of disposing household refuse.

c) Discuss important points you would consider when choosing a kitchen sink.

d) How would you care for your kitchen bins?


Answer two questions from this section.

6. a) State the roles of the following people in a family:

(i) Mother and father

(ii) Children

(iii) Grand children

b) Discuss the value of having goals in a family, giving an outline of some of these goals.

7. What advice would you give an expectant mother about the following?

a) Looking after her health during this period.

b) Her diet.

c) Care of the new born baby

8. A) What is first Aid?

b) Outline the rules for first Aid.

c) List items that a first Aid box should contain.

d) Describe how you would give First-Aid to a girl who has had a cut on her leg.



1. Your father has organized a picnic to the zoo as part of the celebrations to mark your good performance in the examinations.

a) Prepare the snack which you will have on the picnic.

b) Launder a selection of clothing for yourself and your father to be used on that day.

c) Clean and arrange the kitchen store.

2. a) Prepare and serve a meal for your uncle who is a farmer.

b) Launder his clothing which he used in the garden including the gum boots.

c) Clean and re-arrange the bathroom where he has bathed.

3. a) Prepare and serve a traditional dish with suitable accompaniments for display on the open day of your school.

b) Thoroughly clean and arrange the room where the display is going to take place.

c) Mend the hedge tear on one of the pair of curtains and launder it showing your skill in using boiling water starch on it.

4. Your grandmother has just returned from the village.

a) Prepare and serve a nourishing meal for her.

b) Launder her bedding which she has used in the village. Show your skills in removing grease stain from the pillow cover.

c) Thoroughly clean and arrange her bedroom which was infected with bed bags.

5. a) On a sports day, prepare a refreshing drink with two accompaniments for your two brothers who are participants. One of the accompaniments should be a baked item.

b) Launder their sports wear for the day.

c) Thoroughly clean the cooking area you have used; clean and line you dust bin.

6. Your two friends are joining you to celebrate your birth day.

a) Prepare three food items and drink which you will serve.

b) Thoroughly clean and arrange the room which you will use for the party.

c) Launder the table linen to use at the high table.

7. Your sister is going back to school.

a) Mend the hem of her silk dress and wash it together with a selection of her daily wear.

b) Prepare and serve breakfast for both of you.

c) Thoroughly clean and arrange the dinning room for the breakfast.