Answer three questions from this section.

1. a) With examples, differentiate between the various types of household refuse.

b) Explain the various methods of disposing domestic refuse in an urban setting.

2. a) Compare and contrast the following water supplies.

(i) Lake water and river water,

(ii) Tap water and borehole water.

b) How would you purify school drinking water drawn from a rain water tank?

3. a) How would you prevent shrinkage and felting of a woolen cardigan?

b) Explain how you would preserve the colors of a printed fabric.

c) Outline the points you would consider when choosing an electric iron to buy.

4. Explain how the following are used in laundry.

(i) Blescines,

(ii) Gold vents,

(iii) Salts of lemon,

(iv) Borax.

5. a) Why should special consideration be given to texture, color and flavor in a meal?

b) Plan a lunch meal suitable for teen age students to clarify your answer in (a).


Answer two questions from this section.

6. a) What precaution should be taken to safe guard children against accidents in a kitchen?

b) List the basic items for a first aid box.

7. a)Why is

(i) Wool,

(ii)Terry toweling,

(iii) Suitable for baby's clothing?

b) Outline the general care to be undertaken in laundering children's clothing.

8. a) Outline the points to consider when preparing and serving meals to toddlers.

b) Describe the preparation of one weaning dish using a vegetable.

c) Discuss the use of fats in infant feeding.



1. You father is a butcher.

a) Launder his blood stained cotton apron.

b) Thoroughly clean the bathroom he used in the morning.

c) Make a packed lunch for him.

2. a) Launder a set of grease stained clothes for your school lorry driver.

b) Prepare cook and serve a two course meal for him and his family of four.

c) Clean and arrange their sitting room.

3. a) Thoroughly clean your bedroom and disinfect the bed and mattress infested with bedbugs. Make a suitable flower arrangement for the room.

b) Launder and finish your bed line...

c) Prepare a special cake for your teacher and a light snack for yourself.

4. The school netball team is to go out for competition.

a) Launder and pack your sports uniform and demonstrate the use of laundry starch and laundry blue on one of the sports wear.

b) Prepare and pack fish pies, rock buns and a refreshing drink for yourself.

c) Thoroughly clean the utensils you have used through the test.

5. a) Launder the uniform for your school nurse.

b) Thoroughly clean her pair of leather shoes and another pair of bathroom shoes and show how they can be stored when not in use.

c) Prepare, cook and serve a suitable breakfast for her.

6. Your uncle is coming to spend his leave with you.

a) Thoroughly clean and arrange the bedroom he would use.

b) Launder his bath towel and night pajamas.

c) Prepare, cook and serve on tray some suitable light refreshment he will take on arrival.

7. a) Launder a selection of your underwear.

b) Demonstrate how meat and eggs can be used together in one dish. Prepare two suitable accompaniments to be served with it.

c) Clean a pit latrine effectively.