1. This person carries Government mail;

A. Government courier

B. Post runner

C. Errand boy

D. Mail ruuner

2. A detailed list of one's household property is known as

A. A dairy

B. An itinerary

C. An inventory

D. A menu

3. One of the following is not a duty of a copy typist:

A. Filing

B. Duplicating

C. Taking dictation

D. Cutting stencils.

4. He/she deals with the welfare of workers in a large organization:

A. Personnel manager

B. Company secretary

C. Managing Director

D. General Manager.

5. The ...........enables one to trace a missing file

A. Filing code

B. Cross-referenced card

C. Index card

D. Out-guide card

6. This machine is used in preparation for filing a document.

A. Post scales.

B. Perforator

C. Collator.

D. Mail opener.

7. This reference source contains information on all fields of knowledge

A. Hansard

B. Roget's Thesaurus.

C. Almanac

D. Who's who

8. A type of paper commonly used for letterheads is known as

A. Bank

B. Airmail

C. Bond

D. Newsprint

9. A periodic report a bank send s to a business firm or organization showing the position of the transactions it has transacted with it is called a

A. Balance sheet

B. Bank reconciliation

C. Trail balance

D. Bank statement

10. When using this system,speech is only in one direction:

A. Telex

B. Facsimile

C. Radio call

D. Telegraph


11. The three principle accounts offered by a commercial bank are

12. Give meaning of the following words as used in offices.



13. Three ways of preserving carbon papers forlonger office use are:

14. Name the three parties to a cheque:

15. The following three machines are used when handling incoming mails in an office:

16. Give three disadvantages of stencils (or Ink) duplication

17. Briefly explain the term Notice as used in connection with meetings

18. Name three common methods of paying wages and salaries in an organization

19. Give three advantages of communicating by telephone instead of a letter.

20. Briefly write on:

(i). indexing

(ii). A cross reference sheet



21.(a) Rearrange the following in order of priority:

(i) Deliver mail to departments/individuals

(ii) Store envelopes

(i) Attach the enclosures

(ii) Open official mail

(iii) Date stamp the mail

(iv) Sort mail into private and official

(v) Record cheques/drafts in a book set up for the purpose.

(b). As a clerk working with TUMPECO Uganda Ltd,state the most appropriate method one would use handling the following situations:

(i). sending a long list of figures required urgently by a court in Mbale.

(ii). Sending a message to DES,Kitgum.The message must arrive today.

(iii). Sending money speedly to the firm's officer now in Tororo on a sales promotion campaign.

(iv). Sending 2000 beds and 1000 basins to Teso college,Aloet.

22.(a) Mention four duties a travel agent does for the travelling public.

(b) name five common reference books available to a general office worker.

(c)What do the following books of reference have in common ?

(i) Law list

(ii) Who's who.

(iii)Titles & forms of address

(d).What source of reference would one use in the following circumstances ?

(i). Looking for a job immediately after college

(ii). To know the register of the High court of Uganda.

(iii). To know the background of late president Richard Millhouse Nixon of USA.

(iv). How to get license for a fire-arm (gun) in Uganda.

23.(a). Differentiate between a testimonial and curriculum vitae

(b). Give five purposes of interviewing candidates for a job.

(c). Write on the value of an induction course to a new employee.

24. (a) Give three reasons why suppliers offer trade and cash discounts to their customers.

(b). Differentiate between a debit note and a credit note.

(c). (i) List four contents of an invoice.

(ii) What is the significance of the abbreviation E & O.E at the bottom of an invoice? the following information carefully:

(a).The names given are of business firms whose files were opened on the dates shown in the right-hand column.

Using the three digits numbering e.g 001,show how you would open up the files using the Numerical system.

ABC Travel Agencies Ltd. 22 January 1994

Kampala school of motoring 18 Februay,1994

Magric Uganda Ltd. 10 January,1994

Mera Enterprises Ltd. 16 may,1994

Uganda International conference centre 16 January,1994

(b).Give two reasons why numerical filing is preferred to alphabetical filing in large organizations.

(c)(i) What is an 'Absent Card"?

(d) Give the names of equipment one would use in the storage of the following materials:

(i)manila Folders containing correspondence

(ii)Plans of buildings

(iii).Box/Lever-arch files

26.(a) Briefly explain why the qualities of tact and initiative are essential in all office workers.

(b). Write one ideal grooming for office work.

(c ) Give three negative traits a receptionist should guard against in doing her/his work.