Answer all questions in this section.

1.When a person buys goods in large quantities, he is allowed

A. cash discount

B. trade discount

C. Bankers discount

D. Sales discount

2. A document sent to the buyer by the supplier informing him of his financial position is known as

A. Invoice

B. Inquiry

C. Statement

D. Quotation

3. . . . . . . . . . .are the proceedings of a meeting.

A. Agenda

B. Notices

C. Minutes

D. Resolutions

4. Papers or documents not needed in the organization should be

A. Filed

B. Shredded

C. Kept in archives.

D. thrown away

5. Which of the following is attached to an incoming letter requiring the attention of more than one person or department?

A. Remittances Book

B. Circulation copies

C. An inward correspondence book

D. Circulation slip

6. The fastest mail service offered by the Post Office in Uganda is

A. First Class mail Service.

B. Expediated Mail Service.

C. Yellow pages service.

D. Express Post.

7. Archives are meant to store

A. active files

B. card indices

C. dead files

D. absent folders

8. The rules compiled by the organization governing the way in which its business is to be conducted are called.

A. Memorandum of Association.

B. Agreement.

C. Points of order.

D. Standing orders.

9. Imprest is the same as

A. capital

B. reimbursement

C. petty cash

D. cash balance

10. The cost of sending a letter does not depend on

A. weight of the letter

B. number of words in a letter

C. distance the letter is to be carried

D. speed of sending the letter.


1. Name three organizations offering postal services I Uganda.

2. Give three ways which indicate evidence of payment for postage as shown on an envelope.

3. List three types of telephone tones.

4. Which method of classification in filing would best suit each of the following :

(i). names of students in school

(ii). Names of bank accounts

(iii). Names of cases in lawyers office

5. Mention three common items found in minutes of a meeting.

6. Besides cheques,list any three methods of payment offered by bank in Uganda.

7. Name three machines used in duplicating documents in an office.

8. Headed paper contains the following items

9. Arrange the order in which the following documents are used between the seller and the buyer starting with the first.


10. State three sources from which may recruit their employees.


21. Today,you receive instructions from your employers,messrs Uganda Hardwares,P.O.BOX 13,Kampala,Phone 1398,to send invoice No.77 under order No.375 to Mukwano Wholesalers,P.o 393,Mpigi Phone No. 529.

The following were supplied:

5packets of pencils at shs 5,000 each

2 dining chairs at shs 15,000 each

2 benches at shs 25,000 each

10 calculating machines at shs 89,000 each

(a) Please fill in the invoice form with the information provided

Terms ; Net one month.

(b) (i). Calculate how much Mukwano Wholesalers will be requested to pay.

(ii). Which department will deal with the invoice above when it reaches the addressee?

(iii). If payment against this invoice is made with in one month,what type of discount will be made?


Order No:

date Terms: Net 1 month

Quantity Description Unit price Total amount


22. (a) What is a telex service ?

(b). What are its advantages?

(c). Give the types of organizations likely to gain from this service.

23. What should the prospective candidate for the interview do

(a). Before the interview?

(b) On the day of the interview?

(c). during the interview?

24. (a) Give three advantages and two disadvantages of centralized filing in an organization.

(b) (i) What do you understand by cross-referencing?

(ii). Miss Akello Betty used to get her correspondence in her name. She is now married to Mr.Mukasa Steven. Her name now changes to Mrs.Mukasa Betty. Write a cross-reference sheet if she got a letter in her own name.

25.(a) State six reasons why a cheque would be dishonoured by a bank.

(b). Give two advantages of using a crossed cheque

(c). What does endorsing a cheque mean?

26. (a) Give three advantages of each of the following Office machines:

(i). an electric typewriter

(ii). Addressing machine

(iii). Dictating machine

(iv). Franking machine

(b). What is a stylus pen for?