Answer three questions from this section.

1. a) Differentiate between daily and periodic cleaning.

b) How would you carry out daily cleaning of a bathroom?

c) Write notes on daily care of the following:

(i) Stainless steel kitchen sink.

(ii) Wooden chopping board

2. a) What is the importance of administering first aid to a victim?

b) State the qualities of a good first aider.

c) How can accidents in a home be prevented?

3. a) Explain the points to guide you when purchasing an electric an electric iron.

b) What alternative sources of heat are used commonly in ironing in absence of electricity?

c) Describe the procedure to follow when ironing a white cotton shirt.

4. a) Differentiate between the manufacture of soap and that of soap less detergents.

b) What are the advantages of using soap less detergents in laundry?

c) Describe the process preparing laundry starch from a fresh cassava root.

5. a) What is a beverage?

b) Give at least four beverages that are commonly used in diet.

c) Discuss the functions of beverages in the human body.

d) State points to bear in mind when settling table for a formal lunch.


Answer two questions from this section.

6. a) Outline the guiding points when selecting fabrics for baby's clothing.

b) How would you specifically care for baby's clothing during laundry?

c) Describe how you would deal with the baby's soiled and discolored nappies.

7. a) List the common infectious diseases that are immunized against in Uganda.

b) Why is it important to immunize against the diseases in (a)?

c) Outline the immunization schedule for a child up to five years of age.

8. a) What are signs of illness in a child?

b) Explain how you would nurse a child with diarrhea.

c) How are bedsores of a bed ridden child prevented?



1. You are expecting visitors for tea.

a) Carry out weekly cleaning of the living room where tea will be served.

b) Launder a set of table linen and show skill in removing fruit stain. Finish the table linen with boiling water starch.

c) Prepare, cook and serve two baked items with tea.

2. a) Using traditional foods prepare cook and serve an appetizing two course meal for a family of four.

b) Thoroughly clean a stained aluminum saucepan and tidy up the kitchen.

c) Show your skills in knitting by ribbing five rows and laundering a knitted garment.

3. You have been left with young brother suffering from diarrhea.

a) Thoroughly clean a toilet he has used.

b) Launder a selection of his bed linen including pajamas.

c) Prepare, cook and serve a nourishing meal for him.

4. A group of expectant mothers has been invited for a one day seminar on child care.

a) (i) Demonstrate to the to how to make one weaning dish for an eight months baby using a cereal of your choice.

(ii) Prepare a suitable drink and sponge cake for the expectant mothers.

b) Thoroughly clean and arrange the room to be used for the seminar.

c) Launder a selection of clothes and bedding.

5. Your colleague is playing a two day visit to you.

a) Prepare, cook and serve a two course meal for both of you.

b) Thoroughly clean and arrange her bedroom and a bed infested with bedbugs.

c) Launder the clothes she used for the journey.

6. You have just had your morning bath.

a) Thoroughly clean the bathroom you have used.

b) Wash your discolored bed sheets, a towel and bed cover.

c) Prepare a main course meal for a family of three including a toddler recovering from measles.

7. You have been asked to assist a young mother to look after her ten months old baby.

a) (i) Thoroughly clean and arrange a play area for the baby.

(ii) Make a suitable toy for the baby.

b) Launder the mother's bed sheets and carry out the day's wash for the baby.

c) Prepare, cook and serve a midday meal for the three of you(including the baby).