Answer all questions in this section.

1. What does the term Postal Order mean ?

A. Transmission of small sums of money by post

B. The process of transimitting a letter by post

C. The cost of sending a letter by post

D. Transmission of money order by post

2. A stenographer is

A. A copy-typist

B. An audio-typist

C. A shorthand-typist

D. A personal secretary.

3. To which department would a person seeking a job of Accounts clerk go?

A. Sales

B. Accounts

C. Purchasing

D. Personnel

4. Which of the following equipment is used in the filing room?

A. Weighing machine

B. Folding inserting machine

C. Shredding machine

D. Franking machine

5. Why is a cash discount given to a trader ?

A. Give him a profit margin

B. Allow him sell quickly

C. Encourage him buy in large quantities

D. Encourage him pay promptly

6. Which method is most suitable for sending large sums of money by post?

A. Money order

B. Postal order

C. Postage stamps

D. Registered letter

7. A resolution at a meeting means a

A. Record of proceedings

B. List of items to be discussed

C. Motion debated and passed

D. Proposal to be discussed and voted on

8. A document which enables a person to travel to a foreign country is called

A. A passport

B. A visa

C. A permit

D. An identity card

9. The term Re as used in business letters refers to

A. subject heading

B. reference

C. body of the letter

D. salutation

10. which if the following postal services enables a businessman pay postage for his customers?

A. Post restante

B. International reply coupon

C. Special delivery

D. Registered mail


11.Mention any three methods of producing copies of documents

12. Name any three machines used in handling outgoing mail

13. Give three main methods of classifying records in a filing system.

14. Name the three parts of a business letter which are not found in a memorandum

15. write in full, the following abbreviations as used in business letters

(i) NCR . . . . . . . .

(ii)Enc . . . . . . . .

(iii)CC . . . . . . . .

16. Mention any three machines used to send written messages through the post office

17. Name three ways of controlling materials and stationery in an organization

18. Mention any three reference books used in offices/

19. Give three reasons why a postage book is important in handling outgoing mail

20. Mention any three desirable characteristics of a receptionist.


21.(a) (i) Distinguish between vertical and lateral filing

(ii) Mention three pieces of equipment used to store files

(b) What are the qualities of a good filing system

22. What particulars are recorded in an inward rgister?

(b) State three benefits and two limitations of using a franking machine in offices.

(c) List five items of stationery used in mail handling

23. (a) What four machines would you recommend for use in the accounts Department of an organisation?

(b) State four advantages and disadvantages of using machines in offices.

(c) List three ways of caring for office machines.

24. (a) (i) Outline five main parts of a business letter

(ii) With illustrations,distinguish between a bankers envelope and a pocket envelope.

(b) Give four advantages of written communication

25. (a) What are the qualities for job efficiency in an organization?

(b) Give five duties of

(i) a stenographer

(ii) an office messenger.

26.(a) What information is usually recorded in a requisition form

(b) Give reasons why it is important to keep stock records.

(c) Write notes on each of the following :

(i) perpetual stock-taking

(ii) Annual stock-taking.