Answer three questions from this section.

1. a) What is an apartment?

b) Compare the use of wood and bricks as building materials for the walls.

c) Draw a sketch of the plan of a house and give the functions of each room.

2. a) State the reasons for cleaning a house.

b) List five equipment and five materials used for cleaning a Home economics laboratory.

c) What are the advantages of using?

(i) Grass for making brushes and brooms.

(ii) Galvanized iron for buckets?

d) What advice would you give a housewife on the choice use of a vacuum cleaner?

3. a) Name five types of soap and their uses in the home.

b) Briefly outline the properties of soap.

c) Describe how you would launder the following:

(i) Kitchen cloths

(ii) Baby blanket

4. a) Explain the different sources of family income.

b) Suggest ways by which the family can avoid extravagant expenditure on food.

c) draw a term's budget from your pocket money of shs.50,000/= considering that your needs include;- transport 30%, drinks/food during recess in school 40% stationary 10% personal toilet 10% the rest being saved.

5. a) What I posture?

b) State ten characteristics of a well groomed student.

c) What regular habits would you practice to ensure good health?


Answer two questions from this section.

6. a) What advice would you give an expectant mother about?

(i) Her feeding.

(ii) Feeding a Marasmus child?

b) What are the advantages of a baby having its own cot?

c) What points would you consider when buying a baby's cot?

7. a) Describe the development stages of a baby from birth to one year.

b) Briefly describe how a child's nursery playroom should look like.

c) What points would you bear in mind when preparing a sickroom for a child?

8. a) State the role of a father during pregnancy.

b) Describe three traditional practices that can endanger the health of the expectant mother.

c) How can a teenager girl/boy avoid getting into problems of early pregnancy?



1. Your fifteen year old sister is going back to school.

a) Thoroughly prepare the room where she will eat lunch from before she leaves.

b) Prepare a main meal for her and yourself.

c) Launder the towel she been using and a cotton dress which has a grass stain.

2. You are caring for sick brother at home.

a) Thoroughly clean and arrange the sick room for him.

b) Launder a selection of his beddings and demonstrate your skill in removing a blood stain from one of them.

c) Prepare a nourishing snack for him.

3. a) Prepare three cooked items suitable for sale at a school open day.

b) Launder a set of table linen.

c) Clean the following thoroughly.

(i) Galvanized waste bin

(ii) A pair of leather shoes.

(iii) A plastic basin.

4. Your uncle who is a farmer has just returned from the garden.

a) Prepare for him a good lunch.

b) Launder the clothing he was wearing

c) Thoroughly clean and arrange the room where he will rest after the meal.

5. A friend has paid you a visit.

a) Launder her woolen sweater, a set of underwear and mend the side seam of her night dress.

b) Clean and set a bathroom for her use.

c) Prepare a refreshing drink with one suitable accompaniment for her.

6. a) Prepare two food items one of which should use minced meat and serve with a suitable drink for your two teachers.

b) Thoroughly clean and arrange the sitting room for them. Include a flower arrangement.

c) Launder a pair of curtains for the sitting room and show skill in removing ink stain from them.

7. An old friend is visiting you.

a) Prepare the main course of her meal for lunch using locally available foods.

b) Launder a pair of discolored white bed sheets she will use.

c) Demonstrate your in cleaning the following:

(i) A pair of canvas shoes.

(ii) An aluminum saucepan

(iii) A silver tray.