Answer three questions from this section with one question from each part.


1. a) What are the different from of artificial lighting used in the home?

b) Differentiate between fluorescent and filament lamps.

c) Discuss the importance of good lighting in the smooth running of the home.

d) Explain the precautions you would take when using electricity in a home.

2. a) Describe the sources of income in a home.

b) What factors would you consider when preparing a family budget?

c) What are dangers of impulse buying?

d) List the different ways of saving money.


3. a) What points would you look for when choosing an electric iron?

b) Describe the process of cleaning a dirty electric iron.

c) Explain how you would maintain the electric iron in good working order.

d) Outline the process of ironing an embroidered cotton chair back.

4. a) Define the term natural bleaching.

b) Describe the process of using natural bleaching.

c) Discuss the working of natural bleaching.

d) Differentiate between oxidative and reductive bleaching.


5. You are helping your community to promote good nutrition.

a) (i) Distinguish between high biological value proteins and low biological value proteins.

(ii) Give four examples of foods of high biological value proteins.

b) Discuss the functions of proteins in the body.

c) Outline the indicators of protein deficiency in a child of five years.

6. a) (i) What is a packed meal?

(ii) When is a packed meal required?

b) Explain the general guidelines on packing a meal.

c) Suggest a suitable packed meal for the school secretary.

d) What advice would you give on the diet of an invalid?


Answer two questions from this section.


7. a) Describe the features of a good sick room.

b) How would you give a bed bath to a patient?

c) Discuss the measures to take in prevention of bed scores in a bed ridden patient.

8. a) Give reasons why the following practices are important:

(i) Exercise and rest during pregnancy

(ii) Attending postnatal care clinic.

b) How can a mother prepare an older child for the arrival of a new baby?

9. a) Define the term immunization.

b) Discuss the following terms:

(i) Passive immunity,

(ii) Active immunity.

d) A young child learns by observation, imitation and discovery. What training must be given to a child as it grows.