Answer questions from this section.

1. a) Give the correct order for carrying out the weekly cleaning of a kitchen.

b) Outline how you would clean the following:

(i) A painted door,

(ii) A polished floor.

c) What points should be considered when choosing brooms for household cleaning?

2. Discuss the use and care of following:

(i) A pressure cooker

(ii) An electric cooker

(iii) A fridge

3. a) What is the difference between floor coverings and floor finishes?

b) What points should be considered when choosing curtain materials for a bedroom?

c) Illustrate how to make a lined curtain using a raflet tape.

d) Describe briefly the care of an upholstered chair.

4. a) Discuss the role of color, texture and design in home furnishing.

b) With reasons, give three types of materials suitable for household linen.

5. a) Why is it important to keep your body clean?

b) State how you would make hot water starch of the following strengths.

(i) Full strength

(ii) 1:4


c) Suggest two suitable articles which can be starched using each of the strengths in (b) above.

d) Describe how to finish a starched table mat.


Answer two questions from this section.

6. a) Give five qualities of a good first aider.

b) What step should be taken when giving first aid in the following situations?

(i) Snake bite,

(ii) Fainting

c) How can the following accidents be prevented in homes?

(i) Falls,

(ii) Burns

(iii) poisoning

7. a) What is the importance of post natal care?

b) Describe the care of a baby's feeding bottle.

c) Outline the points to be observed when weaning.

8. a) Explain the importance of following:

(i) A balanced diet for an expectant mother.

(ii) Immunization and vaccination for children.

(iii) Control of household pests.

b) Plan a suitable evening meal for:

(i) An adolescent girl.

(ii) A convalescent recovering from typhoid.



1. Your sister is bringing her fiancé home for introduction.

a) Thoroughly clean and arrange the sitting room to be used for this occasion.

b) Launder the curtains and the chair backs you will use.

c) Prepare ginger biscuits and meatballs and serve with a suitable drink for yourself.

2. You are preparing for your father's 2 months journey abroad.

a) Carry out an occasional cleaning and arrangement of his bedroom.

b) (i) Launder his nylon shirt and night wear

(ii)Sponge and press his jacket.

(iii) Pack his suitcase for the journey.

c) Prepare a good send off supper for him to include roasted chicken and potatoes.

3. Your aunt is coming to stay with you for a complete bed rest while recovering from a bad attack of flu.

a) Thoroughly clean and arrange the bedroom she will use.

b) Launder a towel, a pair of bed sheets and her handkerchief.

c) (i) Prepare a suitable mid day meal for her.

(ii) Disinfect her feeding utensils.

4. You have been left to take charge of three nursery school children.

a) (i) Thoroughly clean and arrange a play area for them.

(ii) Provide a variety of play materials and use them to facilitate their physical development and habit of sharing.

b) Prepare some pancakes, simsim balls and fruit juice for them.

c) Launder a selection of two discolored tea towels, chair backs and an apron.

5. Your uncle is a vegetarian.

a) Prepare a suitable meal for him using beans or peas.

b) Clean and arrange a food store.

c) Launder an embroidered cotton table cloth and a silk article.

6. You have been left in charge of home for two weeks.

a) Launder a selection of at least five articles/garments that can form part of a mainly wash.

b) (i) Carry out the thorough cleaning of a modern bathroom.

(ii) Clean a plastic refuse bin and a hurricane lamp.

c) Prepare a nourishing breakfast you will have with a friend.

7. You have been asked to organize a birthday party for your 10 year old sister.

a) Thoroughly clean and arrange the room to be used for the party.

b) (i) Prepare and serve creamed biscuits.

(ii) Clean the cutlery and cookery that will be used for the party.

c) (i) Launder the clothing including the under garments she will put on for the party.

(ii) Also clean the shoes and other accessories she will wear for the party.