Answer three questions from this section

1. a) List at least seven purpose of water in a home.

b) How is water in rural areas contaminated?

c) Describe one local method of purifying muddy domestic water from a shallow well.

2. a) What is a family budget?

b) Why is budgeting in a home important?

c) State the factors to consider when budgeting for a family.

3. a) What if food spoilage?

b) What causes food spoilage?

c) Outline principles upon which food preservation is based.

4. a) Explain the nature of soiling matter on fabrics.

b) List requirements for laundry.

c) How are dirty fabrics cleansed?

5. Write short notes on the following:

a) Friction washing in cleansing fabrics.

b) Kneading and squeezing.

c) Boiling method in cleansing tea towels.


Answer two questions from this section.

6. What advice would you give a young expectant mother regarding the following?

a) Feeding habits

b) Dressing

c) Resting

7. Explain the value of the following in child care:

a) Breast feeding

b) Artificial feeding

c) Post-natal clinic

8. a) What is first aid?

b) List common items found in a first aid kit.

c) Describe the first aid given to someone who has

(i) Sprained an ankle on missing a step.

(ii) Cut a finger in food preparation.

(iii)Taken a poisonous substance.



1. a) Thoroughly clean and organize a living room where you will celebrate your birth-day with five friends.

b) Launder cotton cushion covers and a stained white table cloth you will use for the occasion.

c) Make rock buns and decorate a birth-day cake. Serve with a fruit punch.

2. a) Carry out thorough cleaning of the kitchen.

b) Prepare, cook and serve a grilled protein food with suitable accompaniments for your breakfast.

c) Demonstrate your skills in laundering the following articles:

(i) Knit wear,

(ii) Discolored white cotton garment.

3. a) Prepare, cook and serve four items suitable for a cocktail party. Make a fruit drink for the occasion.

b) Organize the area for the cocktail party.

c) Wash a pleated garment and a selection of undergarments you will wear for function.

4. a) Prepare, cook and serve a steamed carbohydrate and a baked dessert with suitable accompaniments for a two course meal for your grand parents.

b) Show your skill in finishing the following in laundry:

(i) Cardigan.

(ii) Trouser.

(iii) White long sleeved shirt.

d) Clean a polished dining table and demonstrate you're weaving skills in making a table mat.

5. Your neighbor has requested you to lend a hand by carrying out the following activities.

a) Prepare a two course meal suitable for his expectant wife.

b) Launder her cotton maternity dress and silk scarf. Attend to four (4) handkerchiefs used by this lady suffering from influenza.

c) Clean a lantern and a tarnished bronze trophy.

6. You are expecting your aunt for a visit.

a) Prepare vegetable pies, meat balls and a refreshing drink to be served on a tray for her on arrival.

b) Launder a pair of white bed sheets and a discolored bath towel she will use for the nights.

c) Thoroughly clean and arrange a bedroom for her.

7. Your friend is expecting a baby in a few months' time.

a) Finish and pack a selection of clothing she will need in hospital for herself and baby.

b) Prepare, cook and serve two food items and a refreshing drink on a tray for her morning snack.

c) Demonstrate your skill in cleaning the following items.

(i) Leather shoes

(ii) Bathroom shoes

(iii) Canvas shoes