1.a) Explain the evils that have come up as a result of people's search for success.

b) In what ways was Jesus' mission a success?



2. a) Why do some people abandon their jobs in Uganda today?

b) What Biblical teachings can help Christians have a positive attitude towards work?


3.a) Giving examples, show the conflicting loyalties that are faced by the youth in Uganda today.

b) Show the ways in which the life and death of the Uganda martyrs expresses their loyalty to God.



4. a) What are causes of child sacrifice in Uganda today?

b) Give Biblical teaching that can help Christians in Uganda deal with this form of injustice.


5.'Life must be made up of work and leisure'. Show how this is true in:

a) Traditional Africa

b) The Old Testament.


6. a) What are some of the changes that the Christian Faith has gone through over the last ten years in Uganda?

b) Explain the changes which the New Testament demands of the followers of the followers of Jesus Christ.



7. a) Show how man turned away from God in the Old Testament.

b) Describe the ways in which the Jews evaded God during the time of Jesus.


8. a) Describe the relationship between the living and the ancestors, in the traditional African society.

b) How does the Christian teaching help people to have hope in life after death?


9. a) In what ways should a Head Prefect use the authority given to him to serve the school community?

b) Why is Moses regarded as a good leader?



10. a) Why is there an increasing number of female headed families today?

b) What is the New Testament teaching about family life?

11. a) How does the old testament show that man and woman are equal/

b) What steps has the church in Uganda taken to improve the status of women?

12.a) In what ways has the church in Africa brought African culture into the Christian faith?

b) Show the ways in which God was involved in the life of the Israelites in the Old Testament.



13. a) How did people in traditional Africa search for God?

b) Show the ways in which the following people searched for God

i. Clement of Alexandria,

ii. Augustine of Hippo.


14. a) Give occasions when people happily celebrated in the traditional African society.

b) How did people in church history attain happiness?


15. a) Why is unfaithfulness common in marriages in Uganda today?

b) How can the church help married couples to solve this problem?