1. (a) Explain the contribution of Mansa Musa to the growth of Mali empire.
    (b) Why did Mali empire decline?
  2. (a) Describe the origins of the Oyo empire.
    (b) Why was the empire able to survive between the 15th and 19th Century?

  3. (a) Describe the organisation of the Triangular trade in West Africa.
    (b) How did this trade affect the people of West Africa?
  4. (a) What were the origins of the Creoles in West Africa?
    (b) Explain the contributions of the Creoles to the development of Sierre Leone.

  5. (a) How was Islam spread in West Africa up to the 19th Century?
    (b) Waht were the effects of Islam on the people of West Africa?
  6. (a) Why was the 1884-85 Berlin Confrence held?
    (b) How did the results of this confrence affect West Africa?

  7. (a) How did John Maclean administer the Gold Coast between 1830 and 1843?
    (b) What problems did he face during his administration?
  8. Describe the:
    (a) Social,
    (b) Economic developments in Senegal during the colonial rule.

  1. (a) Why did the Bantu migrate into South Africa?
    (b) Describe the organisation of the Bantu by 1800.
  2. (a) Why did the Dutch settle at the Cape between the 16th and the 18th Centuries?
    (b) Describe the Dutch rule in the Cape colony between 1803 and 1805.

  3. (a) What were the causes of the Blood River war of 1838?
    (b) How did this war affect tha Boers and Africans in South Africa?
  4. (a) Explain the origins of the Zulu kingdom.
    (b) How was the kingdom organised in the early 19th Century?

  5. (a) Explain the contribution of Christian missionaries to the development of South Africa during the 19th Century.
    (b) What problems did the Misssionaries face in South Africa?
  6. (a) What were the causes of the 1880-81 Anglo-Boer war?
    (b) How did this war affect the people of South Africa?
  7. (a) Explain the causes of the 1976 Soweto uprising.
    (b) What were the results of this uprising?

  8. Describe the role of the following in the growth of nationnalism in South Africa:
    (a) Clement Kadalie,
    (b) Nelson Mandela.