Answer all questions in this section.

1. Which of the following does not carry mail:

A. Speed post.

B. P.B.X

C. D.H.L

D. E.M.S(Expedited mail services)

2. The S.T.D call stands for

A. Standard Tex Dialing

B. Subscribers Track Dialing

C. Subscribers Trunk Dialing

D. Special Trunk Dialing

3. A person responsible for the welfare of workers is called a

A. General manager

B. Company Secretary

C. Company accountant

D. Personnel Officer

4. One of the following should not be included in a memo.

A. Salutation

B. Date

C. Subject

D. Reference

5. The . . . . . . . uses petty cash float with vouchers for reimbursement.

A. Petty cash book

B. Postage book

C. Punched card system

D. Imprest system

6. Which of the following machines is used for destroying confidential or unwanted documents in an office?

A. Collating machine

B. Conillotine

C. Shredding machine

D. Franking machine

7. Items for discussion in a meeting constitute . . . . . . . .

A. A notice.

B. An agenda

C. A motion

D. The minutes.

8. . . . . . . . is trained to type directly from recorded dictation only.

A. An audio-typist

B. A copy-typist

C. A personal secretary.

D. A stenographer

9. The most appropriate filing system for staff records in a large organization is

A. Numerical

B. Subject

C. Alphabetical

D. Geographical

10.This body will issue you with a driving license

A. Central Tender Board

B.Income tax department

C.Transport Licensing Board

D. Inland-Revenue Office


11.Name any three pieces of information a receptionist may obtain from visitors' card.

12.Name the two main categories of outgoing mails.

13.Write the following in full as they are used if offices:







14.Name the two documents that have to filled by a savings Account holder when;

(i) Depositing money on his account

(ii) Withdrawing money from the account

15.(a).One of the postal services which enable a person to send a reply without paying postage is called

(b).Give two instances when a letter is surcharged:

16.Mention any three important items one is to find in a telephone message sheet:

17.Name three occasions when standard text telegrams are sent:

18.The compulsory deductions made on employees' salaries/wages include

19.Rearrange the following items in the order of an agenda:

(i) Any other business

(ii) Matters arising

(iii) Adjournment

(iv) Minutes from previous meeting

(v) Opening prayer

(vi) Apologies

20.Three advantages of photocopying a document are;


21.(a) List the details usually recorded in the postage book

(b).Under what circumstances may it be unnecessary for a firm to use a Postage Book ? have a franking machine in your organization,

(i) Give any use to which the machine can be put to.

(ii) Give any four advantages and any three disadvantages of its use.

23.Mention five duties performed by each of the following office staff:-

(i)personnel Manager

(ii) An Accountant

(iii).Purchasing Manager

24.(a) State one instance in which each of the following methods of payment would be most suitable:

(i)Postage stamps

(ii)Cash(coins & Notes)


(iv)Money order

(v)postal order

(vi)Traveller's cheques

(b).Give three differences between crossed cheques and open cheques.

25.(a) give six precautions you would take when cutting a stencil on a typewriter.

(b).Give two advantages and two disadvantages of off-set litho duplicating.

26.(a)Where should a stationery store be located in a firm ?

(b) What measures should be taken to ensure that stationery is properly controlled in the store ?

(c).Mention two functions of a stores requisition form.