Answer three questions from this section

1. a) Discuss the suitability of the metals below for making household equipment.

(i) Aluminium,

(ii) Stainless steel.

b) Outline how to clean

(i) Aluminum pans,

(ii) Stainless steel cutlery

a) Outline the effect of color, texture and design in furinishing a sitting room.

2. a) Mention five different types of furnishings and their uses.

b) How do you care for the following floor coverings?

(i) Rugs,

(ii) Linoleum floor covering?

c) Write down the procedure of thorough cleaning a cement floor.

3. a) What are the important points to consider when planning meals for the family?

b) Give the special problems you are faced with when planning weaning meals for a 6 months baby.

c) Describe how you would prepare, cook and serve a suitable dish for a two year old toddler.

4. Write briefly on the following:

a) Thorough cleaning of the refrigerator,

b) Furniture and fixtures,

c) Choice of shoes and hand bags.

d) Weekly cleaning of the electric cooker.

5. a) List the rules that guide personal hygiene.

b) With specific reference to structure, explain how holes from tooth decay occur and how this can be prevented.

c) Describe how to care and clean nylon underwear.


Answer two questions from this section.

6. Discuss briefly the following:

a) How breast feeding should be carried out.

b) Choice of baby clothes.

c) One day's routine of a baby.

7. a) Explain what is meant by immunization.

b) Discuss the causes, symptoms and treatment of diphtheria.

c) What are the important considerations in ensuring safety of children in the home?

8. a) What are the general rules when administering first aid?

b) State the first aid treatment given to a person who has a deep cut on a leg.

c) Discuss cholera under the headings below:

(i) Spread,

(ii) Control