1. The main use of a postage stamp on a letter is to indicate that the

A. Post office has received the letter

B. Cost of writing the letter has been paid

C. Post office has sent you a letter.

D. Cost of transporting the letter has been paid.

2. Which one of the following is the quickest method of producing three copies of a document?

A. Carbon-copying

B. Photo-copying

C. Spirit-duplicating

D. Ink-stencil duplicating

3. Under the imprest system,the amount refunded to the petty cashier equals the petty cash

A.estimate for the previous period

B. amount the cashier has spent

C. balance with the cashier.

D. estimate for the next period

4. A dictating machine is most useful to

A. a copy-typist

B. an audio-typist.

C. a stenographer

D. a shorthand typist

5. John has been undercharged for the goods he ordered .which one of the following documents should be sent to him?

A. credit note

B. Delivery note.

C. Debit note

D. Advice note.

6. which one of the following machines is used in handling incoming mail?

A. Date stamp

B. Addressing machine

C. Franking machine

D. Folding-sealing machine

7. The recommended way of destroying confidential documents is by

A. tearing

B. dumping in a pit

C. burning

D. shredding.

8. The following are the requirements of an application for a job except

A. Photocopies of certificates

B. curriculum vitae

C. letter of invitation for an interview

D. names of referees (references)

9. What is meant by the term Agenda in a meeting?

A. Record of discussion of a meeting

B. items to be discussed in a meeting

C. Invitation to attend a meeting

D. Record of attendance at a meeting

10. Which complimentary clause would be used for a letter containing the salutation "Dear sir"?

A. Yours sincerely

B. Yours faithfully

C. Yours truly

D. Yours obediently.


11.Name any three organizations that currently provide telecommunication services in Uganda.

12. Give three points to be considered in determining the correct postage on a mail

13. Mention any three types of documents that may be stored horizontally.

14. Name any three types of callers to an organization.

15. Give three pieces of information which can be got from a Newspaper.

16.Mention any three essential points in a notice of meeting.

17.Name three sources from which an organization may get its employees.

18.Which reference books give information on people ?

19. Give three types of books supplied by the post office to its customers.

20State the use of the following items of stationery in an office.

(i) Stylus

(ii) Cellotape

(iii) Punch


21. Outline six main stages in handling outgoing mail.

(b) Give any three reasons why letters sometimes delay in reaching the addresses.

22.(a) define the term cross-referencing as used in filing

(b) Index and arrange the following list of names ready for filing.

Dr.Tom Kiryapawo

Stephen Okiror & sons

Hotel Equatorial

Captain Patrick ouma

Uganda Taxi operators & Drivers association

Civil Aviation Authority

2000 Star hotel

The New vision Newspaper

St.Matia Mulumba Secondary School

Makerere University Kampala

(c)What is meant by the rule nothing comes before something ?

23. (a) Give two sources of information for each of the following:

(i) Value of the shilling compared to the dollar.

(ii) Life history of the late president Kennedy of America.

(iii)A visa to Dubai

(iv)The largest lake in USA.

(v)The number of eligible voters in 1996.

(b) Mention one use of each of the following:

(i) Yellow pages



(iv)City guide


24. (a) State three advantages and three disadvantages of telephone communication.

(b) Explain the following terms as they relate to telephones:

(i)Direct line

(ii)General Line


(c)Give three advantages of the use of a telex.

25.(a) What is a typing pool ?

(b) Give six advantages and six disadvantages of having a typing pool in an organization.

26. (a) Mention any six desirable qualities of an office staff.

(b) Give three duties of each of the following:

(i) Personal officer

(ii) Storekeeper

(iii)Transport officer