Answer all the question in this section

1. The chart below shows Ann's daily energy requirement. She is a school girl. Her basal metabolism including 10 hours of sleep is 5 MJ. (not to scale). Use it to answer the questions below.


a) Calculate the amount of amount of energy which Ann will require for a day.

b) (i) Plan a breakfast meal for her for a day.

(ii) Calculate the total calorific value of this meal. (Food tables should be provided.)

c) What would be the result, if Ann's intake was less than her daily requirement?

d) What would be the result, if Ann's intake was less than her daily requirement?

e) Give reasons which could contribute to (d) above.



One of the following tests will be allowed to each candidate by secret ballot.

1. a) Demonstrate two methods of cooking, serving and garnishing fish.

b) Make two other dishes to complete a meal for one of the fish dishes.

c) Serve the meal with a suitable drink.

2. Your brother is going on a school picnic.

a) Prepare a flaky pastry dish for his packed lunch.

b) Select, prepare and pack two other items to complete his meal and pack them.

c) Make a suitable luncheon for him before he leaves.

3. a) By preparing a three course meal, show how you would economize on fuel.

b) Make scones to serve for an evening coffee.

4. a) Using two different methods of cooking vegetables, prepare a two course meal for four people.

b) Make a Swiss roll and serve with a custard sauce.

5. a) show how the following can be used a filling:

(i) jam

(ii) eggs

(iii) left over fish

(iv) legumes

b) Stuff a chicken and serve it attractively with an accompaniment.

6. a) Prepare, cook and serve a two course evening meal showing your skill in either roasting or pressure cooking.

b) Make a hot drink and serve with attractive biscuits.

7. Your sister is discharged from hospital after successfully delivering her twin girls.

a) Prepare a suitable mid day meal for her.

b) Make ginger bread for her afternoon tea.

8. a) Show by preparing a buffet meal how a wide variety of interesting and popular local foods can be served attractively for visiting tourists.

c) Make an impressive centre piece from local materials.