Answer three questions from this section.

1. a) Define the following and explain their importance in laundry.

(i) Damping

(ii) Steeping

b) how would you prevent felting during the laundering of a woolen garment?

c) Explain how you would launder cotton linen of a person who has been suffering from measles.

d) Outline the method of removing the following stains from a cotton fabric:

(i) Blood

(ii) Ink

(iii) Perspiration.

2. a) outline the qualities of the following:

(i) soft water

(ii) good soap

b) Describe the preparation of boiling water starch.

c) State the concentration of boiling water starch suitable for starching the following articles:

(i) Table napkin

(ii) Cotton blouse

d) Differentiate between passing and ironing.

3. a) What accidents are likely to occur to children left alone in the kitchen?

b) Explain the first aid you would administer to a person with the following condition:

(i) Choking

(ii) Electric shock

c) Outline the facts a first aider should know before helping a victim.

4. a) Differentiate between dust and dirt.

b) Give reasons why the following are done:

(i) Keeping surfaces clean.

(ii) Wearing shoes.

c) (i) what control measures would you take to reduce pests in a home?

(ii) Outline the dangers of household pests.

5. a) What are the general points to consider when planning meals for pre-school children?

b) Giving reasons, list down the good food habits which should be encouraged in children at an early stage of their life.

c) With reasons, describe one method of cooking food which is considered suitable for sick people.


Answer two questions from this section.

6. a) Enumerate the complications that may arise during pregnancy.

b) Describe three traditional practices that can be dangerous to the health of an expectant mother.

c) (i) what is the importance of antenatal clinic?

(ii) Explain the advantages of adequate child spacing.

7. a) (i) what is weaning?

(ii) Outline the importance guidelines to follow when weaning a baby.

b) State the causes and remedies of the following problems in babies:

(i) Constipation

(ii) Colic

c) Describe the activities that mothers can initiative to enhance the development of a child in the following areas:

(i) Physical


(iii) intellectual

8. a) State the general points to bear in mind when caring for a child suffering from an infectious disease.

b) Outline factors hindering successful immunization programme in Uganda.

c) Name four diseases spread by having dirty, crowded environments.

d) What can the mother do to enable a baby cope with changes in daily and seasonal temperatures?



1. You are to prepare a luncheon for three staff who is celebrating a school sports victory.

a) Prepare, cook and serve three items and drink which can form a part of the luncheon.

b) Launder a selection of table linen you will use for serving, include starching and removal of grease stain.

c) Thoroughly clean and arrange the room where the meal will be served.

2. Your two teenage sisters who have been studying abroad have come to spend their holiday with you.

a) Prepare, cook and serve a traditional supper for the three of you, using meat with two suitable accompaniments. Include a drink.

b) Thoroughly clean the sitting room where you will receive them.

c) (i) Launder a selection of outer clothes of one of them used on the journey. Include the leather shoes.

(ii) Remove tea stain from one of the outer clothes they used.

3. As a student of Home Economics, you have been assigned the following duties to carry out on Home Economics day.

a) Thoroughly clean and arrange the food store.

b) Show your skills in laundering the following:

(i) A knit wear

(ii) Towel

(iii) A pair of trouser and cotton underwear.

c) Make items and a hot beverage to be taken by you and of your colleagues after work.

4. Your Home Economics teacher had a deep cut on her leg and has been discharged from hospital.

a) Thoroughly clean and organize her bedroom.

b) Launder a selection of beddings she used in hospital; include removing blood stain and starching.

c) Prepare two nourishing items for a snack and serve with a drink on a tray.

5. You have been requested to organize a room for an interview panel.

a) Thoroughly clean and prepare the room in which the interview will take place. Show your skills in cleaning the upholstery set of single chairs for the occasion.

b) Prepare four items suitable for breakfast using traditional foods for two of your friends who are athletes.

c) Sponge and press a suit you will wear. Launder a T-shirt and handkerchief.

6. You are having a picnic at the zoo with your lacto vegetarian classmates.

a) Prepare two interesting dishes using the following and a suitable drink for the snack.

(i) Rice

(ii) Wheat flour

b) Launder the following:

(i) A tie

(ii) A pair of cotton short

(iii) Nylon head scarf

(iv) Coloured cotton dress with bleeding dye

c) Show your skill in removing grass stain from the short.

d) Thoroughly clean the following kitchen items:

(i) A plastic dustbin

(ii) Equipment for packing food items.

(iii) Banana sap stained knife.

7. a) Your two brothers are having diarrheas.

(i) Prepare two suitable dishes as part of their lunch menu.

(ii) Prepare and serve a snack with an accompanying drink on a tray for their mother.

b) (i) launder a selection of the children's clothing for uniform, include starching and mending undone seam.

(ii) Clean their school bags.

c) Thoroughly clean line and make the basket cot for their baby brother.