1. (a) What led to the settlement of the Arabs and Persians on the East African Coast between AD. 1000 and 1500?
    (b) How did their settlement affect the coastal people during that period?
  2. (a) Describe the Luo migration into East Africa pto 1800.
    (b) How did their migration affect the people of East Africa?

  3. (a) Describe the origins of the kingdom of Buganda.
    (b) What factors led to the expansion of this kingdom between 1650 and 1800?
  4. (a) What problems did the Portuguese face during their rule at the East African Coast?
    (b) How did their rule affect the Eas African Coast?

  5. (a) Why did Seyyid Said transfer his capital from Oman to Zanzibar in 1840?
    (b) What effects did Seyyid Said's rule have on the East African Coast?
  6. Describe the role played by any two of the following people in he Long Distance trade:
    (a) Kamba,
    (b) Yao,
    (c) Nyamwezi.

  7. (a) How did the activities of Christian missionaries lead to he colonisation of East Africa?
    (b) What problems did the missionaries face in East Africa?
  8. (a) Describe the German system of administration in Tanganyika.
    (b) What changes did the British introduce in Tanganyika after 1920?

  9. (a) Why did the Nandi rise against the British in 1895?
    (b) Why were they able to resist the British for a long time?
  10. What was the contribution of the following to the history of Uganda?
    (a) Sir Hesketh Bell,
    (b) Sir Andrew Cohen.

  11. (a) What were the problems faced during the construction of the Uganda Railway?
    (b) Explain the contribution of the Uganda Railway to the developmentt of East Africa.
  12. (a) Explain the causes of the Mau Mau rebellion.
    (b) How was this rebellion organised?

  1. (a) Describe the origins of the Trans-Saharan trade.
    (b) What obstacles did the traders face before AD 1500?
  2. (a) Explain the role of Samori Toure in building the Mandinka empire.
    (b) What led to the collapse of the empire by the end of the 19th Century?

  3. (a) Describe the origins of the Asante empire.
    (b) What led to the collapse of the Asante empire during the 19th century?
  4. (a) How was Sierre-Leone founded?
    (b) Why did the British take over Sierra-Leone in 1807?

  5. (a) Explain the causes of the 19th Century Islamic movements in West Africa.
    (b) How did these movements affect the people of West Africa?
  6. (a) Describe the contribution of Samuel Ajayi Crowther to the spread of Christianity in West Africa.
    (b) What problems did he face?

  7. Describe the changes which took place in Nigeria before independence in the following areas:
    (a) education.
    (b) health.
  8. Explain the factors that led to the rise of nationalism in West Africa after World War II.

  1. (a) What led to the rise of the Mwene-Mutapa empire?
    (b) Show the consquences of the Portuguese invasion of the empire.
  2. (a) Why did the Luba-Lunda migrate during the 17th and 18th Centuries?
    (b) Explain the effects of their migration in Central Africa.

  3. (a) Describe the organisation of the Ngoni during the early 19th Century.
    (b) Trace the migration and settlement of the Ngoni in Central Africa between 1818 and 1840.
  4. (a) Explain the causes of the 1887-89 Swahili war in Nyasaland.
    (b) What were the effects of this war?

  5. (a) Explain the contribution of Christian missionaries to Central Africa.
    (b) What problems did the missionaries face in Central Africa?
  6. (a) Explain the causes of the 1896-07 Ndebele-Shona uprising.
    (b) Explain the role played by religion in these uprisings.

  7. (a) Describe the Belgian system of administration in the Congo.
    (b) What problems did the Belgians face in the Congo?
  8. Describe the contribution of the following to the achievement of independence in their countries:
    (a) Patrice Lumumba.
    (b) Joshua Nkomo.

  1. Describe the:
    (a) Social,
    (b) Economic and,
    (c) Political organisation of the Sotho by 1800.
  2. (a) Explain the causes of the war between the british and the Zulu in the 1879.
    (b) What were the results of this war?

  3. (a) Describe the causes of the Great Trek between 1835 and 1842.
    (b) How did this trek affect the people of South Africa?

  4. (a) How did Paul Krugger promote Afrikaaner nationalism in South Africa?
    (b) What obstacles did he meet as the leader of the Transvaal Republic?
  5. (a) Describe the economic changes that took place in South Africa between 1867 and 1910.
    (b) How did these changes affect the Boers and the British?

  6. (a) What were the causes of the Nama-herero rebellion of 1904-07?
    (b) Why was the rebellion unsuccessful?
  7. (a) Why did the British annex Bechuanaland(Botswana) in 1885?
    (b) How did Botswana achieve independence?

  8. (a) Why was the organisation of African Unity(OAU) formed?
    (b) What was the contribution of OAU towards the ending Apartheid in South Africa?