Answer three questions from this section.

1. a) What are the points to consider when planning a family kitchen?

b) Draw a plan of a modern kitchen.

c) How would you ensure safely from accidents in your home?

2. a) discuss the problems caused by the following in a home:

(i) ants

(ii) flies

(iii) rats and mice

b) How would you control them?

c) Name four diseases that can be transmitted by (ii) above.

3. a) Outline the points you would bear in mind when making a time table for house routine.

b) How would energy be saved when running a home?

c) Suggest ways of cutting out unnecessary movements during housework.

4. a) What are the general rules to follow when removing stains?

b) How would you deal with the following stains.

(i) An ink stain on a white cotton blouse.

(ii) A table cloth stained with fruit juice.

c) Briefly explain how you would launder synthetic fabrics.

5. a) What are the advantages of outdoor drying?

b) Describe how you would launder the following:

(i) drip dry skirt,

(ii) Baby's nappies,

(iii)a nylon blouse.


Answer two questions from this section.

6. a) Why is it important to prepare for the baby before it is born?

b) List the items you will prepare for baby regarding:

(i) Clothing,



c) How will you protect the newly born baby against infection through:

(i) Umbilical stump,

(ii) Respiratory passages?

7. a) What are the advantages and disadvantages of family planning?

b) State the activities that are carried out at a post natal clinic.

c) Explain the dangers of artificial feeding to the baby.

8. Discuss the symptoms and treatment of the following in children;-

a) Whooping cough,

b) Mumps,

c) Diarrhea,

d) Measles.



1. a) Launder a selection of kitchen of kitchen cloths and boil them to whiten them.

b) Clean a food safe and arrange it.

c) Using left over potatoes from the safe as one of the food items, prepare an interesting quick lunch, for a family of three.

2. Your friend is coming to visit you over week end.

a) Carry out a weekly cleaning of the bedroom she will use.

b) Clean her muddy leather shoes, launder the bed sheets and pillowcase she will use.

c) Prepare, cook and serve lunch for her and yourself.

3. a) Launder a selection of a toddler's clothing worn in a day.

b) Using an egg, prepare a nourishing dish for her and beverage with a suitable accompaniment for yourself.

c) Clean the cooking place you used.

4. a) Remove a tea stain from a tray cloth using natural method of bleaching and then launder the cloth.

b) Thoroughly clean a sitting room and arrange it very well for local council executive meeting. Include a flower arrangement.

c) Prepare scones and tea to be served to the guests.

5. The doctor has advised an expectant mother to guard against overweight.

a) Prepare, cook and serve the evening meal for her.

b) Wash and finish a set of underwear and a discolored bath towel.

c) Carry out the daily cleaning of her bedroom.

6. You are going out for a picnic.

a) Launder a selection of clothing you will wear at the picnic including a cotton jacket.

b) Prepare and pack three suitable food items for the picnic and include fruit juice.

c) Thoroughly clean a leather bag and containers which will be used for packing the food.

7. Your school is holding annual sports day

a) Thoroughly clean a pit latrine. Make a suitable cover for the pit from locally available materials.

b) Show your skill in mending a torn, flowered curtain using a patch and wash it.

c) Prepare two savory food items for sale on that day and price them.