1. (a) Describe the migration and settlement of the Western bantu into east Africa between AD 1000 and 1400.
    (b) What were the effects of their settlement?
  2. (a) Why were Arabs intereste in the East African Coast btn AD 1000 abd 1500?
    (b) What were the effects of their settlement at the coast?

  3. What role did the following play in the history of the interlacustrine region?
    (a) The Tembuzi,
    (b) The Chwezi.
  4. (a) What were the origins of the Buganda Kingdom?
    (b) Explain the factors which led to the growth of the Buganda kingdom during the 18th Century.

  5. (a) Why were the portuguese interested in controlling the East African Coast during the 18th century?
    (b) What problems did they face at the coast?
  6. Explain the importance of the following to the history of Unyamwezi during the early 19th Century
    (a) Mirambo,
    (b) Nyungu ya Mawe.

  7. (a) Why did slave trade in East Africa increase during the mid 19th Century?
    (b) What were the steps taken to abolish this trade?

  8. (a) Describe the British system of administration in Uganda before 1900.
    (b) What problems did the British face during their administration in Uganda?
  9. (a) how was the 1905-07 Maji-maji resistance organised?
    (b) Why did this resistance fail?

  10. Explain the contribution of the following to the history of Kenya:
    (a) Lord Delamere.
    (b) Sir Charle Eliot.

  11. (a) Why was east Africa involved in World War 1?
    (b) How did this war affect the people of East Africa?
  12. (a) Explain the factors which contributed to the growth of nationalism in kenya between 1939 and 1952.
    (b) What problems did the nationalists face?

  1. (a) What factors were responsible for the rise of Songhay empire?
    (b) Why did the empire decline?
  2. (a) Describe the origins of the Oyo empire/
    (b) How was this empire organised during the 18th Century?

  3. (a) What factors led to the development of the trans-Atlantic slave trade?
    (b) How did this trade affect the people of West Africa?
  4. (a) Explain the causes of the 1898 Hut Tax war in Sierra Leone.
    (b) What were the effects of this war on the people of Sierra Leone?

  5. (a) Describe the role of Al-Hajji umar in the Futa Jallon jihad.
    (b) Why was this jihad successful?
  6. (a) Why did Christian missionaries come to West Africa?
    (b) What was their contribution to West Africa?

  7. (a) Explain the causes of the war between the British and the Asante during the 19th Century.
    (b) How did these wars affect the Asante?
  8. Describe the role of the following in the struggle for indepence in their countries:
    (a) Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.
    9b) Felix Housphouet Boigay.

  1. (a) Why did the Khoisan people migrate to South Africa?
    (b) Describe the way of the life of the khoisan people by AD 1000.
  2. (a) Why did the british occupy the Cape Colony in 1806?
    (b) How did the Boers respond to this occupation?

  3. (a) Explain the causes of the great Trek.
    (b) What were the effects of the Trek on the people of South Africa?
  4. (a) Describe the organisation of the Swazi State during the 19th Century.
    (b) Why was the Swazi nation able to survive up to 1870?

  5. Explain the effects of the discovery of minerals in South Africabetween 1867 and 1910 on the:
    (a) Africans,
    (b) Whites.
  6. (a) Why was the Union of South Africa formed?
    (b) What were the effects of this union to the Africans in South Africa?

  7. (a) Explain the causes of the 1880-81 "War of the Guns".
    (b) How did this war affect the Basuto?
  8. (a) Why was the Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union (ICU) established in South Africa in 1919?
    (b) What were its achievements by 1930?