Answer three questions from this section.

1. a) Give the factors of a family house.

b) Explain the factors to be considered when sitting a family house.

c) What determines the quality of a house?

2. a) Differentiate between disinfection and sterilization.

b) Explain the factors that determine the level of removing germs from the home environment.

c) What are the common methods that are used to remove germs in a home?

3. a) Outline the action of detergents during the process of washing a dirty towel.

b) Explain the meaning of the following statements in the laundry of cotton fabrics:

(i) mercerization process

(ii) sanforization process,

(iii) Detergent action in cleaning fabrics.

c) How can discoloration of white cotton fabrics be be avoided?

4. a) Describe the treatment given to tea towels to avoid breeding germs and discoloration.

b) How can fading of coloured cotton garments be avoided?

c) State the precautions to note when ironing a dark garment whose colors run out badly.

5. a) What determines the nutrient needs of an individual?

b) Explain the factors that affect the quality of food cooked for consumption.

c) How can appetite and desire to eat the food provided be improved be improved upon?


Answer two questions from this section

6. explain to young mothers about care of the following in order to protect a newborn baby from infection:

a) umbilical stump

b) the skin

c) respiratory passage

d) feeds

7. a) State the value of sleep in the life of a child.

b) Why do babies sometimes get bad sleep?

c) Give the effect of little sleep on a child.

d) What are the qualities of an ideal bedroom for a new born baby?

e) Describe the sleeping arrangements you will organize for a toddler.

8. a) Explain the reason the reasons for promoting breast feeding among mothers attending a post natal clinic in your village.

b) State the factors that maintain the mother's breast milk secretion.

c) Describe the procedure in breast feeding a baby.



1. Your classmate is having a mild fever.

a) Prepare and serve on a tray a light meal for lunch.

b) Thoroughly clean and arrange the room where she will rest.

c) Launder a selection of beddings she has been using, showing your skills in starching and removing grease stain.

2. You are in charge of three infants at home.

a) (i) Launder a selection of garments of one of them.

(ii) Repair an undone French seam of one of the articles.

b) (i) Prepare, cook and serve two weaning dishes for the children using fruits and potatoes.

(ii) Prepare scones for yourself and serve with a drink.

c) Show your skills in cleaning the following:

(i) A door mat

(ii) Synthetic bag

(iii) An iron box

3. Your brother and friends are going for athletics competition.

a) Prepare and pack three suitable items they will eat before they leave; include a drink.

b) Wash and finish a selection of sports uniform and a pair of canvas shoes.

c) Thoroughly clean and prepare the bathroom they will use.

4. Two expectant mothers are coming to have supper with you.

a) Using smoked meat/fish for one of the dishes, prepare a two course meal for their supper.

b) Clean the dining room and set the table for the meal.

c) Launder a selection of kitchen clothes and apron you have used while preparing the supper.

5. a) show your skills in using the following on selected articles:

(i) starch

(ii) breach

(iii) Finish the starched articles and a long sleeved shirt.

b) Clean the following household equipment:

(i) Stainless steel container/article,

(ii) Food flask

(iii) Food larder/cupboard safe.

c) (i)prepare, cook and serve two dishes to demonstrate the use of eggs in cookery for a snack for three sedentary workers.

(ii) Make a drink and serve with the items made in (c)(i) above.

6. You are required to be in charge of the infant section to your school.

a) Clean and organize a nursery play a nursery play room for three of the children.

b) Show your skills in laundering selection of the daily wear for one of the children. Include mending of an undone hem and starching.

c) Make one savory and one sweet dish and pack together with a drink for the children's break.

7. a) Prepare, cook and serve a traditional meal for three farmers.

b)(i)wash and finish a selection of clothing which were used in the farm.

(ii) Show your skills in removing grass stain on one of the articles and starch it.

(iii) Clean the pair of gum boots used in the farm.

c) Thoroughly clean and arrange the living room where you will entertain the farmers after eating.