1.A facility used by travelers to collect their mail from the post office is known as

A. Recorded delivery.

B. Registered post

C. Poste restante'


2.Which one of the following is a negative quality among office workers ?

A. Intiative

B. Punctuality

C. Honest

D. Irrationality

3.Which of the following does a supplier use to demand payment before delivery of goods ?

A. An Invoice

B. A proforma invoice

C. A statement of account

D.A debit note

4.A method of filing based on te origin of a ltter is called

A. geographical.

B. Subject

C. Alphabetical

D. Numerical

5.A pocket envelope is one

A. with a flap on the longside

B. with a flap on the short side

C. Used for air mail

D. used for registered mail

6. The cheapest way of producing five copies of a document is by using

A.carbon paper



D. Spirit duplication

7. Recorded delivery services provide proof of

A. posting only

B. Delivery only

C. Communications on recorded tapes

D. Posting and delivery

8. Jack wrote a letter,and in it used the salutation ''Dear Sir".Which complimentary clause did he end his leter with ?

A. Yours sincerely.

B. Yours obediently.

C. Yours faithfully.

D. Yours affectionately.

9.A list of all employees showing all details of their pay and deductions is found in a

A. cheque

B. Pay roll.

C. Voucher.

D. Bankslip.

10.Which of the following gives the details of a visitor's name and his/her company's name ?

A. Business card

B. Register

C. message pad



11.List three types of letters that should not be opened in the mailing room.

12. Three important points to be noted by a receptionist when taking down a telephone message are

13. Give two ways of how an addressee of a letter bearing inadequate or no postage is surcharged:

14. What are the three circumstances when a credit note may be issued by a supplier to a buyer ?

15. Besides spelling and defining words an English dictionary gives the following information:

16. In connection with meetings,

(i) What does the abbreviation AGM stand for ?

(ii) Explain the meaning of the 'Proxy'

17. Name any three commodities commonly transported by pipeline.

18.List any three keyboard machines you may find in an office

19. Mention any three items that can suitably be stored under horizontal filling.

20. Abel sent to Bob the following telegram:



If the rates for sending a telegram is as follows:

The first ten words are charged shs.1500,the next five words charged shs.500per word and any other extra word at shs.50 each, determine how much money Abel paid for the telegram.


21.The columns of a petty cash page are headed as follows:

Postage and stationery; Office expenses; Cleaning.Against the particulars given below, write the names of the appropriate column under the expense would be recorded:

(i) Refills for ball points pens,

(ii) Laundering towels,

(iii) Typewriter erasers,

(iv) Tea,milk,sugar,

(v) Tip for van driver,

(vi) Roll of self-adhesive tape,

(vii) Magazine for waiting room,

(viii) Dust cloth,

(ix) Animal letter forms,

(x) Postage stamps,

(xi) Window cleaning,

(xii) Shorthand note books,

(xiii) Date stamp and pad

(xiv) Dairy book for the executive,

(xv) Box of stencil

22.. (a)What is a typing pool ?

(b) Give four advantages and two disadvantages of a typing pool.

23. Describe three services offered by the post office to ensure security of postal items.

24.On 1st July,1994 mr.Tom Kabagambe,a customer of Uganda commercial Bank,Fort Portal Branch,wanted to pay Ms.mary Acan,a customer of the Nile Bank,Gulu Branch,a sum of shs.48.050 by cheque.Mr.kabagambe's account number is CF00284 and Ms A.can's account number is NGC2416.

(i). Draw an outline of the cheque and use it to complete the cheque with the above information.

(ii). Using the above information, name the drawee,the payee and the drawer.

(b). Give any three items a Bank statement shows.

25.. (a) Your firm has assigned your office the task of recruiting new staff in the accounts department. How would you go about this exercise ?

(b).Prepare a checklist for work habits that the successful applicants will be expected to exhibit.

26.(a) List down eight books that may serve as sources of reference for the general worker.

(b).. Distinguish between Table of Content and an Index Number.