1. When documents are filled according to the information they contain,the system is called

A. Alphabetical

B. Numerical

C. Subject

D. Chronological

2. A general meeting is one which is

A. Open to anyone interested in attending

B. Open to all members of an organization

C. Held once every year

D. Held to attend to an emergency.

3. The purpose of an interview for a job is to

A. Invite people to apply for a job

B. Select the most suitable candidate

C. Study the candidates personality

D. Shortlist suitable candidates.

4. A request for supply of goods is the

A. Order

B. Inquiry

C. Delivery note

D. Advice note

5. When personal cheques are not acceptable,the drawer is advised to use

A. Letters of credit

B. Travelers cheques

C. Crossed cheques

D. Bank drafts

6. Which one of the following machines can be used for enlarging documents ?

A. Photocopier

B. Typewriter

C. Stencil duplicator

D. Spirit duplicator

7. The cost of sending a letter is called

A. Surcharge

B. Poundage

C. Postage

D. Dermurrage

8. An envelope with the flap on the shorter side is known as

A. Aperture

B. Window

C. Bank

D. Pocket

9. The most economical process of producing about 6000 copies of a document is by

A. Photocopying

B. Ink-stencil duplicating

C. Spirit duplicating

D. Offset-litho duplicating

10. A book we would refer to in order to find the name,address and telephone number of a doctor wh specializes in child care is called

A. Whos who in medicine

B. The yellow pages

C. Dictionary of medicine

D. The encyclopaedia


11. Give three advantages of using a current account.

12. State the procedure of handling incoming mail

13. What information must be recorded on an absent card by filing clerk?

14. Name three types of secretarial staff of an organization.

15. What information can be from an atlas ?

16. Mention three conditions that must fulfilled before holding a meeting.

17. State three types of information found on a time-card of an employee.

18. Which type of letters should never be opened in the mailroom?

19. Give three types of books published by the post office.

20. State three instances when a seller would send a credit note to a buyer.


21. (a)What final checks should be made on a letter before it is sent to the post office?

(b)What should be done if a letter received by the organistion concerns several officers?

(c)Mention two machines used in handling outgoing mail.

22.(a) (i) What are the advantages of using a cheque?

(ii) Give five conditions under which a cheque can be dishonoured by a bank.

(b) (i) Name three parties to a cheque.

(ii) What is a crossed cheque?

23.(a) What factors should be considered before buying filing equipment?

(b) (i) Outline three benefits of filing.

(ii) What is a dead file?

24.(a)What are the benefits of centralizing office services ?

(b) Name three types of office layout.

25.(a) What are the requirements for opening a bank account?

(b) What means of payment is most suitable for each of the following situations?

(i) Buying 2kg of sugar at the nearest shop.

(ii) Sending money to a friend in the U.S.A.

(iii)Paying workers' salaries

(iv)Paying insurance premiums.

(v)Sending shs.5,000 to a friend in Mbarara.

26.(a)Name twelve items of stationery used by an office worker.

(b) What information would an office worker get from a stationery control card?