1. What is a short-list? It is a list of

A. applications received

B. People invited for interview.

C. People who have appeared for interview.

D. successful applicants.

2. Which book contains a record of valuable received by mail?

A. An Inwards mail Register

B. A Remittances Inwards Book

C. A Receipt Book

D. A Postage Book

3. Which of the following documents is used to correct an overcharge on an invoice?

A. A consignment note

B. An advice note

C. A debit note

D. A credit note

4. What does the abbreviation c.c. as used in letters stand for?

A.Correct copy

B. Carbon copy

C. Copy Circulated

D. Confidential copy.

5. When ordering office stationery,what does the abbreviation P.O.P stand for?

A. Post Office Preffered

B. Post Order Processed

C. Post Order Passed

D. Post Office Payment.

6.From where does one get a visa for travelling abroad?

A. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

B. Department of Immigration

C. Foreign Embassy

D. Ministry of Transport

7. why would an insurance company issue a cover note to a post office?To

A. cover all payments made by the post office

B. cover the post office before paying premiums.

C. Provide a temporary cover before a policy is used to the post office

D. Cover risks of sending mail by post.

8.What is manifolding?

A. Carbon copying

B. Stencil duplicating

C. Manual folding

D. Spirit duplicating

9. Where are inactive documents kept?

A. A registry

B. A strong room

C. An archive

D. A cupboard

10. what source of reference helps one to get the name of the first president of Uganda after independence?

A. Hansard

B. Ready reckoner

C. Who was who

D. Whitakers Almanack.


11. What information is recorded in a peety cash book?

12. Give three methods of writing addresses on envelopes.

13.Give three ways in which errors on documents are corrected

14.list any three instances when cross-referencing is necessary

15. Give a suitable word for each of the following phrases used in office standards.

( i) Good sense of humour

(ii)Good time keeping

(iii)To be present at all times at workplace

16. Mention three forms of reply-paid service offered by Uganda Posts and Telecommunications Corporation

17. Under what circumstances would emergency calls be made?

18. Name three ways in which wages can be paid to employees

19. Give three methods of identifying labels on folders .

20. State any three conditions to be fulfilled when using C.O.D service.


21.(a) What factors would determine the choice of the means of communications?

(b) What points should be noted when preparing a telegram?

(c).Name three occasions when a standard text telegram is used.

22.(a) Name the factors considered when choosing filing equipment.

(b) Explain each of the following

(i) Dead files

(ii)Miscellaneous file

(iii)Active files

(c).Give three pieces of information found on an Out-Guide Card.

23.(a) (i) Where is a reception desk normally located in a building of an organization?

(ii) Give three reasons for yopur answer in (i) above.

(b) List four kinds of information that are contained on a visitors card

(c). outline seven duties of a receptionist

24. (a) Give four kinds of information which can be got from a dictionary.

(b) Which reference would supply information on each of the following :

(i) The location of Lagos

(ii) The residence of the American Embassy in Kampala(Uganda)

(iii).Daily attendance of students at school

(c). (i) Name four newspapers published in Uganda.

(ii)Give six pieces of information got from the daily newspapers.

25.(a) (i) Define formal meetings

(ii) Name three types of formal meetings

(b) Outline five duties of a chairperson during the conduct of a meeting

(c) List five items/documents a secretary should arrange before the start of a meeting.

26. (a) Name any three types of office equipment commonly used in Accounts office.

(b) Give three advantages and three disadvantages of each of the following:

(i) Spirit duplicator

(ii) photocopier.