Answer three questions from this section with ne question from each part.


1. a) Describe the qualities of a good home.

b) Outline the advantages and disadvantages of the following floor finishes.

i.) Mud

ii) Wood

2. a) What are the dangers of having household pests?

b) Explain how one can control the following pests in the home.

i) Cockroaches

ii) Mosquitoes.


3. a) What are the points to be remembered when laundering a cotton 'T' shirt?

b) Describe the procedure you would follow when starching an apron using hot water starch.

c) How would you remove the following stains?

i) Sap stain from the cotton apron.

ii) Grass stain from cotton skirt.

4. a) What is hard water?

b) Explain the disadvantages of hard water in laundry.

c) Describe two methods of removing hardness from water.

d) Outline the functions of each of the following in laundry

(i) Fabric softener

(ii) Jik


5. a) How can one prevent monotony in meals?

b) Outline the advantages and disadvantages of stewing as a method of cooking.

c) What are the factors to consider when planning meals for convalescents?

6. a) Explain three ways in which bacteria can contaminate food.

b) State the precautions that should be taken when handling food to prevent food poisoning.

c) Outline the guidelines to be followed when storing food in a refrigerator.


Answer two questions from this section.


7. a) what advice would you give to a pregnant mother about her

(i) diet,

(ii) Clothing?

b) Why are mothers encouraged to breast feed their children?

c) Explain how a mother should care for a baby's feeding equipment.

8. One of the phases of the family life cycle is the 'expanding family'.

a) Outline the common problems that are experienced during this period.

b) Explain how you would overcome the problems in (a) above.

c) How can accidents be prevented in the home?

9. a) How does play promote child development?

b) What are the factors to be considered when caring for a child with measles?

c) Explain the problems of single parenting.



1. You are nursing a three year old boy with measles at home.

a) Prepare a nutritious main course of a meal for his lunch.

b) Launder a set of his beddings and bath towel.

c) Clean and arrange his nursing room.

2. Your cousin is to spend two days with you before she proceeds for her holiday.

a) Thoroughly clean and arrange the sitting room where you will receive her.

b) Using short crust pastry, prepare a dish and serve with coffee for the two of you.

c) Launder her set of clothes she wore when travelling. Mend an undone side seam and clean her travelling bag.

3. The senior four Home Economics class is organizing a farewell party.

a) Prepare the following for the party:

(i) A steamed item.

(ii) Cookies

(iii) A creamed baked item and a drink.

b) Thoroughly clean a departmental refrigerator and arrange it.

c) Carry out the following laundry processes:

(i) Laundering a cotton shirt

(ii) Sponging and pressing a suit.

4. The school mechanic has left behind his dirty greased clothes.

a) Launder a set of his clothes including removing a grease stain from one of them.

b) Thoroughly clean and arrange the bathroom he used after the heavy duty.

c) Prepare a two course lunch for the two of you.

5. Your sister has shifted to a new apartment.

a) Thoroughly clean and arrange the kitchen for use.

b) Prepare, cook and serve a main course of a meal for lunch using smoked fish as the main dish.

c) Mend the hem of the cotton curtain of the kitchen and launder it. Also launder a night wear and a neck tie.

6. Your mother has been working in the garden.

a) Launder a set of her garden clothes and remove a grass stain.

b) (i) Clean the gumboots she has been using.

(ii)Thoroughly clean and set the dining room, which you will use.

c) Prepare two refreshing items for a snack and serve with a drink.

7. a) Show your skills in using the following methods of cooking by preparing one item in each case for a packed snack.

(i) Frying

(ii) Roasting

b) Make a suitable drink to accompany the two dishes in "a" above.

c) Launder a set of your father's daily clothes in which you show skills in using cold water starch and removing tea stain.

d) Thoroughly clean and arrange a toilet.