1.a) What led to the growth of towns along the coast of East Africa between 1000 to 1500A.D?
b) Why had these towns declined by the 17th Century?

2.a) How was the kingdom of Bunyoro- Kitara established by the 17th Century?
b) Describe the organization of Bunyoro- Kitara Kingdom by this period

3.a) Describe the Portuguese rule at the coast of East Africa between A.D 1510 and 1698.
b)What obstacles did they meet in the administration of the coast?

4.a0 Explain the importance of the following people to the history of East Africa during the 19th Century:
i) Nyungu ya Mawe
ii) Mirambo

5.a) How did Seyyid Said contribute to the development of Zanzibar between A.D 1840 and 1856?
b) Describe the ways in which Seyyid Said settled the Mazrui Busaisi conflicts.

6.a) Why were the British interested in colonizing Uganda during the 19th Century?
b) How did they establish their rule in Uganda up to 1914?

7.a) Explain the causes of the conflicts between the Nandi and the British between A.D 1885 and 1906.
b) Why did the British take long to defeat the Nandi?

8.a) Describe the British attempts to bring about Closer Union of the East African countries by the early 20th Century.
b) Why did those attempts fail?

9.a) Why was White Settler Agriculture introduced in Kenya?
b) How did White Settler Agriculture affect the peoples of East Africa?

10. a) Why did the Kabaka crisis take place in 1953?
b) How did the crisis affect the people of Buganda up to 1963?