1.a) Explain any six contributions of manufacturing businesses in Uganda.
b) Suggest eight measures that the government of Uganda should take to promote manufacturing businesses


2.a) Describe any six roles of an entrepreneur as a Human Resource Manager of a business.
b) Explain any four factors that should be considered by an entrepreneur when determining wages and salaries of employees.


3.a) Explain any four types of taxes paid by entrepreneurs in Uganda.
b) Give six reasons why the government of Uganda collects taxes.


4. a) Describe the four forms of communication used by entrepreneurs in Uganda.
b) Explain any six ways in which an entrepreneur can ensure effective communication in a business.


5.a) i) What is a career?
ii) Outline any three factors you should consider when choosing a business career.


b) i) Define the term goal as used in entrepreneurship.
ii) State any three goals of a business

c) Identify any two;
i) sources of business income
ii) proper ways of using business income

d) Name any four legal forms of business ownership.


e) i) What is meant by work scheduling in entrepreneurship?
ii) Give three advantages of work scheduling to an entrepreneur.


f)i) Differentiate between working capital and fixed capital of a business.
ii) Give two examples of fixed capital of a carpentry business.


g) i) State the purpose of a share certificate in the stock exchange market.
ii) List any three steps an entrepreneur should follow when buying shares on the stock exchange market.


h) i) Define the term book keeping as used in entrepreneurship
ii) Outline any three users of book keeping information.


i) Mention any four ways used by an entrepreneur to add value to a product.


j) Akello who is VAT registered bought 150 bags of cement at Shs 33,000 per bag and sold all bags at Shs 35,000 each. Use the VAT rate of 18% to calculate Akello’s input VAT.


6.a) Explain any five ways in which businesses benefit from the natural environment.
b) Advise entrepreneurs in your community on any five ways of conserving the natural environment