1. Assess the impact of the 1899 – 1902 Anglo – Boer war on the relationship between the British and Boers in South Africa.

2. Why was Ethiopia able to preserve her independence from colonial powers?


3. Describe the features of any one pre-colonial centralized society in Africa by mid 19th Century.


4. . To what extent did Semei Kakungulu contribute to the establishment of colonial rule in Uganda?


5. “The need to avenge the Adowa defaeat of 1896 by Menelik II drove the Italians to occupy Libya.” Discuss.


6. Assess the impact of Portuguese rule on the peoples of Mozambique up to 1914.


7. To what extent was the Creole administration responsible for the outbreak of the Hut tax war in Sierra- Leone in 1898?


8. How did the construction of the Uganda Railway affect the peoples of East Africa up to 1914?

9. Account for Mfecane movement into East and Central Africa by 1860.


10.Examine the achievements of Christian missionaries in Central Africa up to 1914.