1. What do you understand by "human rights"?

How have human rights been violated in Uganda?

2. Under what circumstances is the invasion of one country by another justified?

3. Should efforts be made to preserve traditional forms of marriage in Uganda? Give reasons for your answer?

4. What is a balanced diet?

Why is it important to have a balanced diet?

5. Discuss the part music plays in public and private life.

6. What do you understand by "primary Health Care"?

Why should primary Health Care receive more emphasis today than before in a country like Uganda?


Answer one question from this section.

7. Study the information in (i) and (ii) carefully and then answer the questions which follow.

(i) After months of talent searching for an administrative assistant in the president's office, the number of applicants has been narrowed down to five (A, B, C, D and E). it was announced that the finalist would be chosen after a series of all day group upon the following procedure:

1. The interviews will be held once a week.

2. Only 3 candidates will appear at these interviews.

3. Each candidate will appear at least once.

4. If it becomes necessary to call applicants for additional interviews, no more than one such applicant should be asked to appear next week.

5. It was agreed that whenever candidate B appears, A should also be present.

6. Because of travel difficulties, it was agreed that C will appear for only one interview.


a) At the first interview, the following candidates appear; A, B and D. which combinations of candidates can be called for the interview to be held next week? Give reasons for your answer.

b) Which is a possible sequence of combinations for interviews in two successive weeks? Give reasons for your answer.

c) If A, B, and D appear at the interview and D is called for an additional interview the following week, which two candidates may be asked to appear with D?

d) Which one of the following correctly states the procedure followed by the interviewing committee?

i. After the second interview, all applicants have appeared at least once.

ii. The committee sees at least one applicant a second time.

iii. If a third session is held it is possible for all applicants to appear at least twice.

ii) During president terror's term of office, the cost of living has increased by 105%. If president Terror is re - elected, more hardships will surely follow. Don't vote for president Terror!


e) What has speaker assumed in the argument above?

f) Which one of the following arguments (A, B, C, D, E) is most like argument (ii) above? Give reasons for your answer?

A) Air pollution from vehicle fumes has greatly worsened since the new road was opened. To prevent even worse air pollution, we should oppose construction of more new roads.

B) Mineral prospecting has destroyed the environment in this area. Vote for the proposed law prohibiting mineral prospecting.

C) Ever since the capital city was moved to Kaikamosing, public school services have deteriorated. Save our schools - vote to move the capital city back to Morukatipe.

D) Parliament has failed to take decisive steps to solve the guerilla war crisis in this country. It is time to elect a new body of truly national representatives who will deal with this problem more effectively.

E) Average rainfall in this district was 75% higher last year than normal. The law of averages shows that this year's rainfall will be lower than normal.

g) Which of the following statements would strengthen argument (ii) given above? Give reasons for your answer.

A) Cost of living is determined by forces beyond the control of any one person.

B) President Terror fought efforts to impose statewide controls on prices of commodities.

C) The price of commodities increased by an average of 170% nationwide during president terror's term.

D) President terror owns 100 shares of commodities.

E) Over 15% of the amount paid by customers for commodities is made up of state taxes.

8. Read the passage below and then answer the questions which follow, using your own words wherever possible.

To be called upon to do the impossible is a very high compliment, for is it not a tribute to great feats already done, apparent impossibilities faced and overcome in the past? That compensating thought, however, is not always available as reward and stimulus to those who feel that they are confronted with something beyond the limits of the possible. We all know what it is to have that feeling. Even before we begin to feel it for ourselves our parents have felt it for us. The foundest father, looking upon his new - born babe; must, at first blush, feel that it is beyond the bounds of possibility that this unseasonably vocal and not very beautiful stranger will in a few years be a bright and beloved child whose companionship and interest will mean all the world to him. And so it goes on. The small schoolboy sees a great gulf fixed between his unheeded self and the demigods of the first eleven. Later he gazes blankly at a mountain - wall of examinations and feels that he can never climb it. When he gets out into the world it seems impossible that one so ill - equipped and inexperienced can ever be one of those who direct the affairs of men. But the dawn of "golden vista'd children" brightens into brilliant day, and the small boy becomes the many coloured hero, savior of many matches, to fresh generations of small boys. The despair of teachers and examiners blossoms out into the leader of a business, at the Bar, of an army, of a nation. Looking back to his blind beginnings and forward to untold ages, what limits shall man himself lay down to what he may become?

Some element of the impossible, or at least some convincing appearance of it, is an essential of all advance. For progress, something is needed that still does not yet, that may possibly never be, but that still does not cease to call for an attempt at its fulfillment. A man or a world that had no wants, or could get all that was wanted for the asking would be a man and a world doomed to satiety, stagnation and decay. What is impossible her and now is the goal, the lodestar, the beckoning ideal of the future. It makes irresistible appeal to the bold, the sanguine and the forward - ranging spirit, however much it may daunt faint hearts and feeble knees. Without it, seas would never have been crossed, poles discovered, heaven - high peaks ascended; instead of having the upper air on the wings of the wind, man would still be creeping among the brutes that perish. All very well, you may say, for youth with its tireless zest and its unbounded ambitions and aspirations. It is different for the older man, who has learned by hard experience what his limitations are. He, if not "too old at forty", knows quite well at fifty, and even better at sixty, that he has reached the circumference of his possibilities and that his field of activity must henceforth be a steadily shrinking circle. That is true enough of material, physical, and even mental possibilities. But it is not true of the spirit. In that realm age has no power to stale and wither. There is still room for the high adventure of attempting the impossible. The ideal can still call still find a response in upward effort. For the greyest of spirits, to the very end.

"all experience is an arch where thro' Gleams that untraveled world whose margin fades for ever and for ever as I move."


a) Suggest an appropriate title for the above passage.

b) Give simply in your own words, the meaning of the last part of the passage, from "But it is not true....." to ".......... Effort". (line 62 - 67)

c) Explain in your own words what the author means by " all experience is an arch where thro' I move". (line 69 - 71)

d) In about 150 words, write a summary of the passage.

e) Give the meaning of the following words and phrases as they are used in the passage:

i. Compliment (1.2)

ii. Compensating thought (1.4& 5)

iii. Unseasonably vocal (1. 13)

iv. Demi - gods (1. 18 - 19)

v. Ill - equipped (1.22)

vi. Dawn of "golden vista'd children' (1.24 - 25)

vii. Many - coloured hero (1. 26 - 27)

viii. Blind beginnings (1.31)

ix. Doomed to satiety (1.41 - 42)

x. Irresistible (1.45)

xi. Sanguine (1.45)

xii. Daunt (1.47)

xiii. Wings of the wind (1.50)

xiv. Circumference of his possibilities (1. 58 - 59)

xv. Unscalable (1.66)