Revision Questions on General Knowledge
Answers should be between 500 and 800 words in length

1. Assess the impact of constructing hydro-electricity power stations on the environment in Uganda.

2. Explain the significance of a national population census to the government.

3. ‘Life imprisonment is a better way of punishing criminals than the death penalty.’ Discuss.

4. To what extent has Uganda succeeded in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)?

Revision Questions on Statistics, Logic & Reading Comprehension

5. Study the information provided below and answer the questions that follow.

A group of six well trained Commandos have been tasked by government to arrest or kill a rebel leader that has taken refuge in a jungle.
The mission involves locating the rebel leader’s hideout, laying ambush and attacking.
The qualities of the Commandos are:
Alfred; is of a higher rank than Chris, energetic and has acrobatic skills which are useful in effecting arrests.
Betty id of a higher rank than Drake and is a medical personnel.
Chris is of a lower rank than Alfred but shoots accurately.
Drake has no significant rank, but is good at laying ambushes.
Eddy is of the same rank with Betty but of a lower rank than Chris. He is a good mechanic, driver and pilot.
Frank is of a higher rank than Alfred, a good map reader and a skilled spy.

During the mission, the following conditions must be observed:
• The Commandos must work in pairs
• No pair should have Commandos of the same rank
• The Commando with the highest rank should be the head of the mission

a) i) Giving a reason for your answer, identify the head of the mission.
ii) State the ranking of the Commandos from the highest to the lowest.
b) Giving reason for each case, suggest the pairing of the Commandos.
c) Explain the causes of political rebel activities in developing countries.
d) What are the effects of political rebellions in developing countries?

6. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.

a) Suggest a suitable title for this passage.

b) What does the author mean by:
i) “…it never drives those who are poverty stricken to “lock horns”…? (lines 72-73)
ii) “…their bones lie bleaching in the sun”? (line 95)

c) In not more than 100 words, summarise the causes of intolerance according to the passafe.

d) Explain the meaning of each of the following words and phrases as used in the passage:
i) grievous (line 06)
ii) fleeting moment (line 10)
iii) fold our tents (line 13)
iv) futility of combat (line 20)
v) silent undertow (line 40),
vi) inoculated with the spirit of dislike (lines 41- 42)
vii) feud (line 54)
viii) transformed nature (line 79)
ix) “locked horns” (line 92)
x) posterity (line 95)