1. a) Account for the increasing rate of joblessness in Uganda today.

b) As a Christian, how would you advise people in your society to honestly earn a living?


2. a) To what extent have the medical workers observed the professional code of conduct in Uganda today?
b) Give the problems faced by professionals


3. a) Discuss the causes of drug addiction in modern society.
b) Comment on the consequences of drug addiction for the individual and society.


4. Many young ladies today have decides to become mothers but are not interested in committing themselves to marriage.

a) Account for this situation
b) As a student of CRE, what advice would you give to such ladies?


5. a) Analyze the reasons often given in the campaign to legalize abortion.
b) What is the Church’s view on abortion?


6. a) Comment on the significance of courtship to people intending to marry.
b) How can the Church prepare young people intending to marry.


7. a) Examine the causes of domestic violence in modern families in Uganda today.
b) What Christian advice can you give to modern families to remain stable?


8.a) Examine the consequences of the lust for wealth in Uganda today.
b) Discuss the Christian teaching on the use of wealth.

9. a) Discuss the role of the police in promoting law and order.
b) Comment on the challenges faced by the police in Uganda in carrying out their duties.


10.a) Analyze factors that have led some people in Uganda into disobeying the law of the state.
b) Examine the Biblical teaching about the law.


11. To what extent is the use of capital punishment a deterrent measure to murder?


12. Church leaders have sometimes been told to stick to baptizing converts and burying the dead, rather than involve themselves in politics. As a Christian, comment on this advice.