Paper 1
1.  Assess the achievements of the military government in Ghana between 1966 and 1969

2.  Examine the causes and effects of the 1975 military coup in Nigeria

3.Account for the collapse of the east African community (EAC) in 1977


4.Assess the impact of the 1952 Egyptian Revolution on the people of Egypt

5. ‘Colonial administrative policies were primarily responsible for the Rwanda Revolution of 1959’. Discuss


6. Examine the contribution of Julius Nyerere to the history of Tanzania up to 1985

7. Explain the contribution of Emperor Haile Selassie to the modernization of Ethiopia between 1939 and 1974

8. Assess the role of education in promoting African cultural values

9. Examine the problems which have resulted from Urbanization in any one country in East Africa

10. Assess the role of the united Nations Organisation (UNO) in the liberation struggle in south Africa

11.Explain the factors which led to the success of the Eritrean war of secession.


12. Discuss the factors that have been responsible for the growth of African nationalism since 1945