1. The difference between hardware and software is that hardware is

A. Tangible while software is intangible

B. Metallic while software is plastic.

C. Permanent while software is temporary.

D. Reliable while software is unreliable.

2. Which of these components is the brain of a computer system?

A. Main memory

B. The secondary memory

C. The processor chip

D. The power supply

3. Which of the following are the two general types of programs?

A. Entertainment and productivity.

B. Microsoft and IBM.

C. Word processors and Databases.

D. System Software and Application Software.

4. A computer performs all the following functions expect

A. storage.

B. processing

C. output

D. thinking.

5. Which of the following is used to give commands to the computer?

A. Input devices

B. Storage devices

C. Output devices

D. Processing devices

6. A communication device enables a computer to connect to a computer

A. system unit

B. software

C. application

D. network.

7. A file is

A.a section of the main memory used to store data

B. a part of a program used to describe what the programme does.

C. another name for floppy disk

D. a collection of information that has been given a name and stored in secondary memory.

8. An anti-virus is an example of

A. a user interface

B. an operating system

C. application software.

D. a utility program.

9. A grid in a spreadsheet program where entries are made consists of

A. rows, columns and diagonals

B. columns and rows

C. rows and diagonals

D. columns and diagonals.

10. What kind of hardware would you use to put photos of your family into a file?

A. Printer

B. DVD player

C. scanner

D. power point

11. In a database,a colletion of fields that contain data about asingle activity or transaction is reffered to as a

A. File

B. Table

C. Record

D. primary key

12. What type of object is used to find answers to questions about the data in a database ?

A. Macro

B. Query

C. Module

D. Form

13. Which of the following is not an example of a programming language ?


B. Visual Basic

C. Lotus

D. Java

14. Kapere was doing his computer final examination when his computers hang up. He lost everything he had been typing because he forgot to

A. copy

B. save

C. cut

D. paste

15.The purpose of a screen saver is to

A. help prevent screen burn out

B. brighten up the screen

C. test the capability of the monitor to display various graphics.

D. entertain the computer user.

16. HTTP stands for

A. hyper text transport protocol

B. hyper text transport platform

C. hyper text transfer platform

D. hyper text transfer protocol.

17. Which of the following usually provides internet e-mail accounts and addresses ?


B. Internet café



18. Which of the following is the most promising use of a computer ?

A. Error-free software

B. On-line education

C. Voice recognition software

D. Downloading music.

19. Which type of software is used to request a specific resource from the server ?

A. Server software

B. Client software

C. System software

D. Messaging software.

20.Which of the following is credited using presentation software ?

A. A directory

B. A file structure .

C. An organization chart.

D. An e-mail message.



21. (a) Give any three safety rules that should be followed in a computer laboratory.

(b) Define the following terms as used in computer:

(i) Directory


(c) (i)Name any five peripheral devices of a computer.

(ii)Give the function of each device named in ( c)(i) above.

1. (a) Explain the following terms as used in computer studies:

(i)System software

(ii)Application software

(iii)Utility programs

(b)Outline four functions of an operating system software.

( c) List any five operating systems that you know.

2. (a) Write the following in full in relation to computer.


(ii) ROM


(b)Distinguish between primary storage and secondary storage devices, giving an example of each.

(c ) (i) Name three major parts of the CPU.

(ii)Explain the function of each part in (c)(i) above.

3. (a) Explain the following





(b)What is a web browser? Give one example of a web browser.

(c) State four major components of an e-mail message.

25. (a) Define the following terms in relation to database.




(b) Name three functions of databases:

(c)Outline four steps taken to create a simple database.

(d)With an illustration,explain how a shopkeeper can use spreadsheets to run the business.

26. (a) Distinguish between the following as used in computers:

(i) data and information.

(ii)domain name and IP address.

(b) State two undesirable behaviours involving internet

(c)(i) How does the use of the mouse make Windows easier compared to the use of the key board alone ?

(ii)State any two major problems that often affect the proper functioning of the mouse.

(iii)Suggest any two ways the mouse can be protected from the problems in ( c)(ii) above.



27. The Head teacher of your school wishes to buy computers for the school. As a student of computer studies, what type of computers would you advise the Head Teacher to buy and for what benefits are they to your school?

28. Suggest reasons why there is an increase in the use of computers in most organizations in Uganda today.

29. Total data security is not possible today.'Outline the areas where this has been achieved and challenged .