Answer three questions from this section.

1. An efficient housewife should have enough knowledge about food when preparing family meals. With this statement in mind, discuss the following values in food, their sources and their functions in the body;-

a) Proteins,

b) Fats and oils,

c) Minerals,

d) water

2. a) Why is food hygiene important in a home?

b) What is the difference between food poisoning and food spoilage?

c) Name four causes of food spoilage and three causes of food poisoning.

d) How would you prevent food spoilage?

3. a) What is the importance of cleaning a home?

b) Why are some articles in a home polished?

c) Explain clearly how would pay daily attention to your living room.

4. a) How do fabrics in a home polished?

b) Name ten items required for laundry to be carried out. State why each one of them is needed.

5. a) What causes yellowing of household white fabrics?

b) Write short notes on the following;-

(i) Effects of bad rinsing,

(ii) Advantages of outdoor drying,

(iii)The value of using washing lines,

(iv) Color fastness and fast color bleeding.


Answer two questions from this section.

6. a) Milk teeth in a baby do not appear at the same time. Discuss, with the aid of diagrams, the stages at which they make their appearance.

b) What are the symptoms of teething?

c) How would a mother care for the baby during the teething period?

7. a) What is a toy?

b) What is the value of play in the life of a child?

c) Discuss the points you would consider when choosing toys.

8. a) What do you understand by the term "immunization"?

b) Distinguish between "passive immunity" and "active immunity"

c) Explain what you understand by the following terms;

(i) live vaccine,

(ii) Dead vaccine.