1. To what extent was colonial rule in Africa responsible for the development of African Nationalism?

2. Discuss the recommendations of the 1944 Brazzaville Conference

3. To what extent was the French system of administration responsible for the outbreak of the 1954 civil war in Algeria?

4. Account for the raise Mengistu Mariam to power in Ethiopia in 1974

5. Explain the role played by Kiswahilli in fostering national unity in Tanzania since 1961

6. Describe the social and economic developments in any one independent West African country up to 1970

7. How successful was South Africa’s policy of Dialogue between 1965 and 1975?

8. Analyse the manifestations of neo-colonialism in any one independent west African country

9. ‘Economic factors were primarily responsible for the 1980 coup in Liberia’. Discuss

10. Examine the causes of the 1971 military coup in Uganda