1. All these are data storage devices except:

A. Floppy diskette

B. Hard drive.

C. Control unit.

D. Zip drive.

2. Which one of these is odd?

A. Microsoft word

B. Microsoft Access

C. Epi Info


3. A . . . . . . . . . . is a primary database structure.

A. Table

B. Report

C. Form

D. Query

4. The operating system is not directly involved in one of these tasks.

A. File management

B. Formatting a diskette

C. Scheduling of print jobs

D. Displaying a web page

5. A computer with a . . . . . . . . .specification will load programs faster.

A. 900MHz

B. 1 GHz

C. 700MHz

D. 600MHz

6. . . . . . . . . is a popular 7-bit encoding system.



C. Hexa decimal

D. Binary

7. This component of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) carries out all the logic and mathematical operations.


B. System clock

C. Register

D. Control unit

8. . . . . . . . . . is a group of commands available to the CPU which determines the basic computer operations that can be performed.

A. Instruction set

B. Operating system

C. Rom Bios

D. Hard disk

9. Which of the following is not a computer peripheral?

A. Monitor

B. Printer


D. Keyboard

10. A . . . . . . .is not an example of an output device.

A. Printer

B. Plotter

C. Monitor

D. Keyboard

11. Which one of the following is not a programming tool?

A. Debugger

B. An interpreter

C. Notepad

D. A compiler

12. Okello intends to draw up an inventory.Which of the following is the most suitable software to use?

A. Ms-Word

B. C++

C. Ms-Excel

D. Pascal

13. A . . . . . . . . makes it easy to find your way round the internet.

A. Network browser

B. Microsoft word

C. Compiler

D. Digital camera

14. Slides as an output are displayed using . . . . . . . software

A. A word processing

B. An internet explorer

C. A spreadsheets

D. A presentation

15. Which of the following is not a storage device?

A. Disk drive A

B. Disk drive B

C. Motherboard


16. The process of starting a computer is reffered to as

A. Surfing

B. Booting

C. Blocking

D. Clicking

17. The output displayed on the screen is termed as

A. Photocopy.

B. Softcopy

C. Master-copy

D. Hard-copy.

18. One of these is a pointing device used to manipulate on screen objects.


B. Digital camera

C. Scanner

D. Mouse

19. Which of the following devices can be used to convert images or text on paper documents into electronic format that can display,store and print?

A. Track ball

B. Scanner

C. Monitor

D. CD-Rom device

20. The option on the menu bar which enables one to name a document and store it on a storage device using another name is

A. Save

B. Save as.

C. Edit

D. New


21. (a) Write the following abbreviations in full.

(i)GUI . . . . . .

(ii)ASCII . . . . .

(iii)EBCDIC . . . . .

(iv) URL . . . . . . .

(b) Explain the following Internet services:


(ii) WWW

(iii) E-mail

(c) What do you understand by the following terms?

(i) computer-file

(ii) File name extension

(iii) Specify the file types associated with the following file extensions:

.exe . . . . . . . . . .

.txt . . . . . . . . . . .

.doc . . . . . . . . . .

22. (a) Why is the binary number system used for computers?

(b) Convert the

(i) Binary number 10101010 to its decimal equivalent.

(ii) Decimal number 121 to its binary equivalent.

(c)(i) Explain the meaning of the term control unit as used in a computer system.

(ii)State any two functions of the control unit.

(iii) Define a byte

(d) Distinguish between ROM and RAM

23. (a) (i) define the term band width.

(ii) List three communication media.

(b) Below are specifications for two different types of computers A and B.

Specification: computer A computer B

RAM : 64 MB 128MB


SPEED : 800MHz 1GHz

COMPUTER WORD: 32-bit 64-bit



Study them and answer the questions that follow:

(i) Which computer is faster in processing data?

(ii) How many bytes can computer A handle at the same time?

(iii) Which computer is more likely to be connected to a LAN and why?

(c ) Define the following terms:

(i) Software


(iii) Application programme

(d)Distinguish between down loading and uploading a computer.

24. (a) (i)Define the term computer Virus

(ii)Identify any three possible symptoms of computer viruses.

(b) State two ways in which one can guard a computer system against viruses.

( c) (i) What do you understand by the term screen saver as applied to computers?

(ii) State any two applications of a screen saver programme.

(iii) State two precautions that should be taken when cleaning a screen display area.

(d) State any two steps that must be followed to safely shut down a computer from the Microsoft word file.

25. (a) Define the following terms:

(i) Warm booting

(ii) Monitor

(iii) Folder

(iv) Application intelligence

(b) (i) List any two ways of starting an application in windows.

(ii) What is the Windows utility used to view contents of a floppy, hard and network drives?

(iii) What must be done to floppy disks before they are used?

(i) What do we call the basic applications that are built into windows that allow us to perform tasks like drawing or text editing?

(c)(i) CD-ROM stands for

(ii)State two ways in which a CD-ROM can be useful in education.

(iii) State three precautions for correct handling of diskettes.

26.(a)write the following abbreviations in full.





(b) Define the following terms:

Hard copy

Soft copy


(c ) Explain the meaning of the following:



(d)Fill in the gaps in the table below.


Type of software that can be used.

(i) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Adobe Photoshop, paintbrush, Ms-word.

(ii)present a lecture

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(iii) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


(iv)Reading information on the internet.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


27. Explain why a school should have a web site.

28. (a) Outline the different forms of secondary storage.

(b) Describe the characteristics of each of the above forms of secondary storage.

29. Give your arguments in favour and against the impact of computers in our society today.



1. (a)Type the following text as it is ,correcting any spelling mistakes therein.

From its very earliet day,the internethas been primarily concened wit one task,making it easier for people to communicate with one anther using computers.The intenet was creted to let university reseahers share their thoughts,work,and resources and for military people to comanicat with each other incas of war and even,theortically a nuclear attack.

By P Gralla

How the internet works.

Requiered to:

(b) Set the page margins to the following measurements:

Left =2.5cm,Right=2.5cm,Top=1.5cm andBottom=1.5cm.

(ii)Insert a title called INTERNET to the top right,and bold it .

(iii) Change font size 14.

(iv) Add your name and index number on the header.

(v) Save your document on a floppy diskette as "text"

(b)The statistics below show rainfall received in a certain district of Uganda for six months (in mm) as follows:


Required to:

(i) Tabulate the data in worksheet. Include a title for the table called rainfall statistics.

(ii) Create a column graph of the entries above showing the amount (mm) of rainfall per month.

(iii) Provide a suitable title for the graph in (ii) above and label the x- and y- axes. Place the chart as an object in sheet 1, below the table.

(iv) Create a pie chart showing the amount of rainfall received in percentage. Place the pie-chart as an object in sheet 1, just below the bar graph.

(v)Write your name and index number below the pie-chart bar.

(vi)Save your worksheet on a floppy diskette as graph 1.


2. Malaria is one of the major killer diseases in tropical countries. As an informed person, you are required to design a slide show on malaria, the killer:

(a)Create 4 slides:

(i) Slide one should elaborate on the causes.

(ii) Slide two should focus on the spread.

(iii) Slide three should show the prevention methods.

(iv)Use nominal graphics in the three slides.

(v)Slide Four should show an illustration using a suitable clip art picture related to malaria on the right hand side with related text on the left hand side.

(b)Link one slide to another.

(c)Include your name and index number on each slide as a copyright.

(d)Save the slide show on a floppy diskette as show.

3. You are contracted to design a webpage for Utop, an East African Company that manufactures toothpaste, washing soap, margarine and cooking oil. As a web master, you are required to include:

(i)a page title

(ii) Appropriate graphics.

(iii) Not more than 120 words on the company and its products.

(iv)a link for each of the products.

(v)a layout.

(vi)the author of the text who can be contacted.

(vii) Creativity.

Save your page on a floppy diskette as Upage

4. A school in kiboko county, Mbemba district has a population of 500 students and various subject departments. Some twenty students, 12 of them girls live in Maria and Thereza houses. The other 8 are boys who live in Muteesa and Kabalega houses.

Required to:

(i)create a database file with the fields :

Surname,last name,age,sex,registration number,address,class and house for the 20 students.

(ii)sort the data in (i) above using, surname as the key field. Save your database file on a floppy diskette as Dfile.

(iii)Design a table using the data in (i) above in a Datasheet view.

(iv)Create a query for house members of Maria and Kabalega houses.

(v)Create a report showing the fields: surname, class and house.

(vi)Save your table on a floppy diskette as Dtable.

5.The Information Technology (IT) teacher has given you an assignment to design a webpage for the IT Department in your school.

Required to include:

(i)a page title .

(ii)appropriate graphics.

(iii)not more than 110 words about the IT Department and computer programmes taught.

(iv)two links at the bottom of your home page.


(vi)date of publish/source of information.

Save your webpage on a floppy diskette as " My IT page".